Vitor Belfort out of UFC 112 due to shoulder injury


Vitor Belfort (19-8 MMA, 8-4 UFC) has been forced to withdraw from a scheduled main-event title fight with middleweight champion Anderson Silva (25-4 MMA, 10-0 UFC) at the April 10 event, which takes place at Concert Arena at the Ferrari World theme park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Brazil-based Web site Tatame first reported the news, which was subsequently confirmed by Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole. The Tatame report stated Belfort hurt his shoulder in training and would not be able to recover in time for the fight. Jayme Sandall, Belfort’s trainer, stated that Belfort had been unable to use his injured arm in practice. Iole subsequently confirmed the injury with UFC president Dana White via his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, sources from Silva’s camp revealed that as of Thursday afternoon they had heard no official word on Silva’s withdrawal and are waiting for confirmation from UFC officials. Silva, a six-time UFC champion, told Tatame he wasn’t aware of any change in the card and was training as if the fight is still on.

  • no please no dont let chael sonnen take his spot, if that happens the middle east will have a real reason to hate us.

  • i was looking forward to this fight ever since ufc 103 this sucks

  • give him sonnen! make it happen!

  • Only positive thing that comes from this is that sonnen is going to get raped earlier than later


  • A note to Chael Sonnen: Be careful what you wish for!!! The Spider is going to F#$k you up!

  • You should look at his medical suspension….it’s only 30 days… so yeah he can do it

  • Sonnen better watch out now

  • I think there is more to them not fighting than we all know…the Brasilian anti-fight pact might be it, or Dana sees more money right now keeping Chael ( the newly running Oregon conservative) in the spotlight, since the UFC has been stagnate lately.

  • And u still lost

  • oh and being Anderson’s camp hasnt heard anything, it might not be true also.

  • and btw sonnen is medically suspended until march 24 so hes prolly not gonna replace vitor

  • Dana is kicking himself in the ass right now for letting Dan henderson go.
    Who else can stand a chance against Silva(dont say Maia) he’ll get KOd for sure

  • You are joking about the picture thing, please tell me you’re joking!

  • Agreed their aren’t that many people who can face Silva, hes prolly just gonna fight a lhw on ufc 112

  • chael sonnen is getting nervous

  • That’s what I assumed.

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  • I dont like you UrHype, But good post.

  • yea if he has had this nagging injury for awhile idk why he didnt get this done earlier especially when anderson was injured

  • Dan Henderson couldn’t beat Anderson Silva either.

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