Vitor Belfort Head Kicks Dan Henderson (Again) To Set Up KO Win


For the third time, Vitor Belfort (25-11) and Dan Henderson (31-14) competed against each other. This time, the place was Sao Paulo, Brazil and the event was UFC Fight Night 77. Henderson won the first bout by unanimous decision under the Pride FC banner back in 2006. Belfort took the second fight with a head kick knockout back in Nov. 2013.

It was deja vu for “Hendo,” and not in a good way.

Henderson landed a leg kick to get the offense going in round one. Both men were tentative at the start. Belfort’s first strike was a head kick that dropped “Hendo” and he followed it up with ground and pound to finish the fight.

Final Result: Vitor Belfort def. Dan Henderson via KO (strikes) – R1, 2:07

  • apocalypse123

    you’d think dan would’ve learned and gone for the takedowns early to wear vitor out. instead he leans in perfectly for the exact same kick that got him last time. he’s done. forget the last fight on his contract.

    • jmedno5891

      I don’t think dan can even shoot in for a takedown anymore, he moves around stiff as a board and the only thing that has kept him relevant is his power. I was super disappointed he lost but i wasn’t surprised either.

    • Dan is a greco-roman wrestler, he mostly gets his takedowns from the clinch.

    • Swjr Ladonn

      early stoppage