Vitor Belfort Confirms He’ll Retire After Next Fight


Throughout his storied mixed martial arts career, Vitor Belfort has often spoke about his sister, Priscila, who’s been missing since Jan. 9, 2004. Although multiple attempts have been made to find her, she hasn’t been seen since disappearing on a lunch break from work years ago.

On Dec. 5, Priscila turned 43-years-old, and in honor of her birthday, Belfort took to his official Instagram page to write her a heartfelt letter where he also confirmed that he’ll retire after his next fight:

“Exactly 43 years ago, a princess was born,” Belfort wrote. “Her name was already pronounced sweet. Priscila Vieira Belfort was born. Pri, wherever you are I really want this message to come to you. I hope in God’s Eternity of all creation. You can have access to love messages. In fact, our father had already said that love is greater than everything. And it is with this love that I come to congratulate you on your birthday. I promise that somehow I will celebrate this day as if you were by my side. Pri, my kids always ask about you! They want to know every detail of your life: @davibelfort @vitoriabelfortoficial and @kyarabelfort it is logical that you could not forget your great friend @joanapradob who turned out to be your confidant. Well, we love you very, very much. And Pri, I just spoke to Mom and she promised that on this big day she will celebrate her birthday without staying at home. She told me she’s going out and walking with a friend. Daddy, you know what he’s like? LOL. It’s still the same. Especially on this day, we all wanted to be able to hug you and kiss you. I forgot to say; dad returned to live in Belo Horizonte with our family. He is being very well taken care of, there. All cousins ​​and aunts love you very much and say that they miss you a lot. All of our cousins ​​have already become parents with beautiful children! You cannot imagine every beautiful nephews and nieces we have. Well I write this letter directly from Montreal in Canada, on January 14th I will do my last UFC fight. Pri, I have been fighting for 21 years and I confess that I can not wait to follow up on my second journey. In which all who participate will be winners. Myself and @joanapradob created @belfortfitnesslifestyle a new model of gyms and next year we started opening for franchises. We are very happy with the result. We have a huge list of interested people and our students have become a great family. I’m sure you would love our students, each with a wonderful story. Pri, right now I had to wipe away many tears from my face when I wrote this letter but I know that every tear is translated by God. Because only He understands that language. I Love you, my sister,” he concluded.

Coming off of a unanimous decision win over Nate Marquardt at UFC 212 last June in Brazil, Belfort’s final fight will take place on Jan. 14 in St. Louis, MO where he’s slated to meet Uriah Hall at UFC Fight Night 124.

  • Bill Wolf

    I hope Vitor Belfort sticks to his decision and he enjoys good health in his old age.

  • Shock Wave

    Sorry to say, Vitor, but your sister went missing because of the deal you made.
    The devil doesn’t care, he’ll take and take.

  • OneFootFriendly

    Wouldn’t “Vitor Belfort SAYS that he confirms” be more accurate.