Video: Uriah Hall Scuffles With Mayhem Miller After Racial Slur


It seems that former UFC and Strikeforce competitor Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller has gone completely off the rails. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he flopped in the UFC, was arrested for harassment and then two assault charges, Miller has now taken a racist approach to his everyday list of things that make him a giant douche stain loser.

The scuffle was reported a few days ago, but without any real hard evidence, now a report from MMA Interviews, and subsequent youtube video have emerged. Check out what Spencer Larza reported:

‘The scene begins with Miller being aggressive to a woman who is apparently his ex girlfriend who he has allegedly assaulted in the recent past… She was visibly emotional and upset and he continued to yell at her as her friend shielded her from Miller. Uriah Hall poked his head in the situation and instantly Miller turned his aggression to him. He began with continuous rants of, “N—– please.”

Mayhem also bolstered his argument for the first prize of biggest asshole on the planet (narrowly beating a ten foot hole in the town of Assberg), by taking to his Twitter account and continuing his racial tirade:

I don’t have enough words to describe how poorly though out Miller’s rants are. Racism is possibly the lowest form of human thought that is ever going to be conjured up, it leads to nothing but negativity and wrong doing.

Hall is booked to fight Chris Leben at UFC 168, so hopefully this run in has no bearing on that. The video evidence below should clear Hall of any wrong doing, and further makes the case for Jason Miller climbing in to a hole and staying there. Video via MMA interviews.

  • Ivy

    It depends on the slang doesn't it? I'm not sure saying ***** makes a person a racist. The definition of racist is: poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race, OR
    the belief that some races of people are better than others.

    Miller, who is annoying and probably on crack is being an obnoxious loser, but I don't see him being "racist" by simply calling him a *****. I think racism is a condition of the mind and it is not exclusive to just white people. Let's get our definitions down people.

    • Not talking about white or black, i'm talking about one man using a derogatory term towards another man, which is intended to reference a period of time during which the second mans ancestors were enslaved for the color of their skin.

      • Ivy

        If Miller was black would you say the same thing?

        • No sheet man, they call each other that all day long. Glorify it in their rap, then get all riot when someone else says it……hypocritical BS.

          • First off…there is a big difference between what Miller did and what two Black dudes say to each other in a different context. Frankly, if Miller said with a smile "what's up my **gga" it would be stupid…but not racists.

            Its just like how the word…boy can be racist depending on the way you say it. White Americans have various privilege by virtue of their skin color in this country whether they want to believe it or not. Using that term just is not one of those privledges sorry. If you want we can trade that in for the ability to get a fair loan, get a cab, or not being profiled by cops

          • He kind of did smile thew whole time?? So I'm still confused….

          • Ivy

            How do you know it's said in a different context because a person is white? That is being prejudiced against white people.

          • Sooo White people are the victim???? Miller is the victim????

            I will love to make you a victim bitchboy. Where you at???

          • Ivy

            Ok dum dum, I would make short work out of you if you were dumb enough (and I believe you are) to get in my face. Maybe Al Sharpton would come to your rescue, or maybe not.

          • F*ck yo face patna REAL TALK & why you keep bringing Al Sharpton up BITCHBOY??

            YOU ALL TALK COWARD.

          • Ivy

            I could barely make out what you said. Let me see if I got it…you want lick the rim of Al Shaprton's ****? Ah, just as I thought.

          • @Hateocracy…No offence to any white or black folks out there but if a black woman with a juicy bubble **** jumps on top of a white guy with a 1 inch shrimp, the white guy becomes the victim.

          • Racist jokes…tut tut.

          • Hey Ents come hang with me & my folks for a day & i betcha you would say that word before any of us. You would also get stomped out & catch a few bullets to your torso BUT… BUT thats only because you said that word.

          • Heeelllllz no I wouldnt say that before you all. It would be 10 of you whoopin my azz. 8P

        • It would not be the same if Miller was Black.

      • @Rory….If Dana thinks Uriah is too nice a guy to fight he should bring Mayhem Miller into Uriah's dressing room just before he fghts…That should be a game changer

    • THis is the new racism. A white guy calls a Black guy the n-word. The only people who think its not racist are white people who freely use that term in a derogatory manner. They would say its not racist…because they would have to confront the reality that they too are racist.

      • The new racism? lmao I dont agree with Miller at all, but the new racism is reversed discrimination. Anyone not white can scream racism and have everything given to them regardless of what the other did or say. Secondly I've never understood why blacks call each other that name all day long & in songs, yet get all irate if anyone else uses it…is that proper? Helll no
        Our current media is trying its best to divide our country and start issues. Its called "divide and conquer" look it up.
        All groups are racist, if you argue differently, you're an idiot.

        • no…that is the new racism. When a racism is experienced and a person of color brings it up…they are somehow now the racist and bringing up the race card. Btw all Blacks dont use the term all day long. Thats like me saying white all have guns because I watched a few Stallone movies. Also, the reason the word is used that way is to take away its power. It has been done throughout history. Perfect examples….Ancient Egyptians had a deragatory term for the nomadic tribes to the east. They called them Haiboru…that is where Hebrew comes from.

          Media does not have to divide…go look at the prisons, schools, neighborhoods and unemployment lines. If you can look at those three things and walk away saying that their is no racism and that Blacks are treated the same you are either delusional or stupid

          • Hebrew just means "from the other side". The word Hebrew does not come from Egyptians but yes they did have a a deragatory name for them. Just like n i g g e r is the racist form of ***** but the deragatory form came second. When you call someone a f u c k e r it is also a racial slur from WW2 when the German luftwaffe Fokker fighter planes were coming. A f u c k e r was a German bogey. If someone says f u c k y o u it was meant as a curse of wishing the ultimate evil against someone at the time in hoping the Nazis would get you.

          • N e g r o was the word sensored.

          • It's funny how many people use the F word now a days. People don't even know what they are saying when they use cuss words these days. Its called desensitization. The media makes it okay over years of slowly introducing a thing. Think back 20 years and the stuff they allow now under a certain movie rating is completely different. Rated R movies from 15 years ago are now 12A. And they have convinced everyone w are getting better and the old system was just outdated.

          • actually F u C K…means For UnCarnal Knowledge….it was a scarlet letter in old America…waaay before WWII

          • @jcren, You are right, I feel pretty stupid right now. I actually learned from my teacher in school what I just told everyone about the f-word. Shame on me for not looking it up myself.

        • Ivy

          It's called ****** Hate.

          You can be racist against whites and it's Kosher. A white person utters anything remotely about race like "black people don't play hockey" and suddenly Al Sharpton is marching on Washington about it. STUPID

          • Not all African Americans call each other that word & if Miller got away with saying that sh*t without losing his teeth, well good for him. He couldnt come to my city calling a brotha that.

            Ivy shut yo Chael Sonnen nut gobble'n b*tch azz up. You dont know sh*t punk.

          • Ivy

            I know you don't I?

          • I bet Eminem could get away with it. He just sang a song recently bashin homosexuals and got away with it……Slim Shady is like glue to a magician.

          • actually Em has gone on record saying he wont use the word….this mentality is part of the reason he gets respect

          • wow…its amazing how persecuted white people are in this country. You guys get the raw end at every turn in life with only the following exceptions: the housing market, the education system, the job market, with cops, in court, in being profiled, getting a cab, in health care.

            Outside of those things you guys are totally screwed…white dudes should think about marching on Washington

          • wow…once again…the poor oppressed white person. With all that oppression its amazing that you have the restraint not to go to another mans land and take it over while bring another man to be slaves to build up that land then setting up various systems to oppress those people…oh wait…that already happened

          • Who and where the f u c k is it okay to be racist against whites?!…

        • Ivy

          Entity you nailed it!

        • Because, the whole point is that calling each other *****, is their way of taking it back from the racist whites. Its like a "our club" word. It's like calling your kid stupid. You can call your kid stupid, somebody else calls your kid stupid theres going to be a fist fight.

          And no YOU'RE an idiot! I'm amazed at how you have so much to say about something that you have no idea about. It's obvious you don't even have a single black friend. Everybody who has a black friend has had that whole thing explained to them at some point.

        • "Anyone not white can scream racism and have everything given to them regardless of what the other did or say." – REALLY!!!???

          "Secondly I've never understood why blacks call each other that name all day long & in songs, yet get all irate if anyone else uses it…is that proper?" – Firstly, you don't know what 500 years of slavery and eugenics can do to a people. Secondly, the term was/is generally has been used in a derogatory term by white people and everybody knows that you do do not say it. Thirdly, as a result of my first point people who have been oppressed take on the worst characteristics of their oppressors as a contorted form of liberation.

          Lastly, all groups are not racist…intrinsically. The Caucasian has sought to conquer the world and the current media you are talking about are racist white people because we live in a white supremacist world. Fact.

          "….if you argue differently, you're an idiot."

      • Cmon my niggah please….

      • Dude, thanks for articulating what I had in mind.

    • They are having a confrontation, are CLEARLY not friends, and Miller uses a racially offensive term. Case closed.

  • what a complete and utter tw@t

  • I think this fits racism perfectly…He would not have treated Uriah in that way if he were White…but anyway. If Uriah Hall had started calling him a *itch @$$ white boy…it would have been racist.

    This is typical to stuff. Mayhem represented everyone pathetic angry white dude on the internet who is upset at his position in life and takes it out on the internet where he is safe by calling a man of color the "n" word. I notice Miller only got crazy after he saw security was right in the mix…he is a real tough guy. I sort of liked Miller until this moment. He has shown his true insane, racist, underachiever colors.

    What was also typical was how the security was somehow very intent on removing Hall…as if he were the problem.

    • If he were white, Mayhem would have called him a bicchhh azzz blah blah, of course he wouldnt call him a cr/ac/ker We dont call each other names derogatory to our own race, why do blacks? I never understood it, self degrading if you want me to take what you say as the truth.

      • Once again…Blacks dont use the term towards each other the way Mayhme did towards Hall. I explained above how the use of the words takes the power away from the word and also can be served to unify…there are various accounts of oppressed groups doing this through history. It is NOT self-degrading in that context. I am not agreeing with it…and I am not certain too many non-Black could really understand it.

        Also…cracker and the n-word are night and day. I dont recall generations of people being oppressed using the word cracker.

      • Stewie, maybe he should have called him a "Niger".

        Mayhem to Hall: "You're stupid, lazy, Niger"

        Hall to Mayhem: "Did you just call me a slow moving river?"

        Mayhem to Hall: "Damn straight, you meandering b***h".

        Hall to Mayhem: "Do I look like a Niger to you?"

        Mayhem to Hall: "I don’t know. Does the boat fit?"

        Please note that I believe I suffer from dyslexia and as such, I hope that have not misspelled any words, or used any racial slurs, slangs, epithets or indignities, nor misidentified any bodies of water or nation, for the purposes of this reply.

        Further, my reply was (specifically) not intended to offend any river peoples or persons, which may emanate from the river Niger or the nation that bares its namesake.

        Quoting the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

        …ah Stewie, together, we'd be having a good laugh over this one. This is stage material, my man.

        • (Wipes sweat from brow) Was starting to read that and wasnt sure where it was going hahahahhaha.
          You're all going to be very surprised when I post a picture of myself and I'm an alien.

        • Impressive…never seen somewhat be that creatively idiotic before.

        • You're a cyunt…

          • Youtube Dr. Ben Carson. He tells it like it is. He's a world class neurosurgeon and yes he's black. Awesome human being. Im done, tired of all the stupid excuses and whining.

          • Stewie, I know who you're talking about. Yeah, the man's a genius.

    • By the way, Hall appeared to throw first swipe at Miller, yet you didnt see Miller getting pulled away…maybe you're racist? maybe?

      • ok, maybe not…. I call myself a "Human-Racist" I base my opinion on a human's actions.

        • If you base your opinion off of human action…then you are not racist. HOwever….everything has context and to be honest your approach has the potential of just being ignorant. Without proper context of the impact of race in our society you could not understand the difference between Mayhem calling him the n-word and if Hall calls him a cracker or redneck (although he didn't)

          • Honestly you are over defending many people who are criminally minded, and you state the number of Blacks in prison. Yes nation wide its about 60% black 30% hispanic and maybe 10% white.
            Cops arrest and convict a white killer faster than a black. Statistics show there's problems. Gang Bangers are the worst of the worst in society. Im sure you have a reason for ganq bangers being the poor poor me victim. They all have the opportunity to go to school. If they dont have a father, then Im sure you have excuses for that. Im sick of hearing a people that have had many many years to get their sheet together. Many have, but too many have not and wont. Truth often pisses off people in denial
            All your suppression you holler was long before I was born, and you cant blame many for what they see everyday.
            Whites are the minority right now YES. Hispanics and blacks out number them.
            If a white guy goes to prison he HAS to team up with the white supremacists or he'll be killed in 2 days.
            Even prison is racist. There can be 15 blacks in the yard hanging out together, no problem, but if you have 4-5 white guys hanging out, they separate them immediately. I know why, but Im not going into all that.

          • wow..there was so much misinformation in that statement I am not sure where to start. First off at EVERY stage of the judicial system from arrest to conviction to sentencing when all else is equal African Americans are treated worse than Whites…anyone who says otherwise is lying, stupid or making stuff up

          • Lies.

  • A little emotional when writing this article are we??? Miller is completely crazy and nobody takes him seriously because of that.

  • Also, hall showed zero restraint in the situation and Dbag or not, we have freedom of speech in this country. Yes, that includes morons like Miller and no matter what they say it does not give you the right to retort w violence.

    • All I can say to that is WOW….I guess if i go into a mall and yell "FIRE FIRE!!!" I have freedom of speech. I am allowed to write a letter to a future article accusing you of being a *********…freedom of speech right.

      I think Hall showed pretty decent restraint to be honest. I think Mayhem showed great restraint by waiting for security to get there before he went off on him. Your statement is the sort of misguided thinking that turns racists into victims and victims into racist. Let me guess…you also think that Treyvon Martin should have shown more restraint as well. It sad…most white people have no idea about the impact of racism…through no fault of their own…they just have not had the experience. But it is interesting that Mayhem chose to use those words because it hits a certain spot. Its amazing how quickly some people go there

      • Jcren you're as crazy as Meyham. keep feeling sorry for yourself and and preach on.

      • waaaaaa waaaaa! What a cry baby and bringing the TM case into this. Bitter much?

        • Worse, Trayvon went inside, then came back out to attack. Media conveniently left out his police record and drug abuse….am I supposed to be shocked? I have a feeling Zimmerman would have questioned anyone wearing a hoodie looking suspicious, whether he was black, white, Asian or Hispanic. The media made it all racial(called Zimmerman white..INSANE), even edited tapes, and blacks took the bait and got all riot.

        • not sure I am feeling sorry for myself. I actually feel sorry for you for your ignorance. I am doing quite well

  • Doesn't anyone listen to rap anymore….

  • Jcren should stop soon….He obviously want to back up his race to the fullest intent….Which is cool but hmmm////……/

    • Its not about backing a race. There have been someone questions…like "why can blacks use the word" and I am explaining. In the end …it is what it is. There will be ignorant people and people who try to use words as weapons.

      In truth…Halls best comeback should have been saying "How is that career going?" or to offer him a dollar like a beggar saying he needs it more or even better saying "wait…I think I know you…did you use to fight…r u Tank Abbott?"

  • WORDS people!!!! they are just words..The only people give powers to words. I have an African friend that absolutely laughs it off why because if you give power to words then you will ALWAYS be a victim.

    You are either the master of your environment or the victim of the environment.. Your choice..

    • Agreed…but words do have power. THat is real nice…but the reality is that it is significantly easier for certain people to be Masters of their environment than others. The American Dream …is an ideal…but not a full reality. Things like the achievement gap, racial profiling, zoning, etc are perfect examples the the American Dream is not real.

    • Cookie, your African friend, is he white?

      If so,it would be pretty ironic; particularly if he's laughing it off. 🙂

    • Cookie,is your African friend white?

      If so,it would be pretty ironic; particularly if he's laughing it off. 🙂

  • Mayhem Miller had the world at his feet. He was paid well, had sponsorships, had bully beatdown. Its pretty sad his fall from grace. He has been on a downward spiral getting arrested in a church naked, and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets himself into serious trouble and lands in prison. Mayhem needs help. This is really less about racism and more about mental health issues

  • you are probably right. Mayhem is clearly mentally ill. But on one hand….his behavior is 100% in line with some of the behavior I have seen on the web in terms of racism

  • @enjoylife321. Hit the nail on t's head. It shld be clear that it's racists. Now the whole thread is about something which divides people, rather then coming to an agreement that what one said, was far from appropriate, and how the other responded was immature.

  • And honestly Rory, I saw the video and didnt hear anything Jason said, all I saw confrontation that could have been posted "Uriah defends verbal attack of Mayhem to Jason's ex-girlfriend" There really was no need in the first place to put racial slurs and the main ingredient
    This is almso like our nedia doing the same damm thing..

    • Woke up dyslexic or something there.

      • Entity, do you mean the mews nedia?

        • Yes sir. The US propaganda machine, they are simply mouth pieces to the administration, nothing more. The illusion of two parties with the same agenda. MORE POWER stomp out freedom of choice.

        • Snap! Few catch Stewie.

          • I bowed and hit my head on the coffee table. 8(

  • Ivy


  • Used to be a fan but Jason needs help. End of story.

    • I agree, he's coming apart like a child movie star with no job at 15 yrs old.
      I wasnt defending him. I was posing a question here and trying to make a point.
      We're all responsible for our own actions no matter the circumstances.
      To react to a perceived racist slur only gives it power.

      • Stewie, I'll go you one better…the rule of thumb is to not react at all; be like water my friend. One thing Bruce didn't point out is that water doesn't care if you call it hot, cold, steam, ice or fluid. It's just what it is, water; nothing more, nothing less.

        To the point, it is without emotion and laughs at the heat, cold or wind, that either attempts to transform it or move it.

        You rock Stewie.

        • your comment and Entities comment clearly is that of a white person. It was not until MLK that Blacks in this country got some level of freedom. THe reality is that MLK was ONLY well recieved because the other option was Malcolm X. Who did NOT share the turn the other cheek philosophy.

          • JC, personally I'm a big fan of both MLK and Malcom's.

            If you're interested, you should check out a book called "An Act of State."

            It's about a civil trial and a complaint brought by the King family in 1999. The case and its outcome was never covered by the media.

            Here's a 5 minute video on the trial, with the King's Lawyer talking about the case and what they proved.


  • I've been friends with lots of black people through life, and there is def a big difference between friends who use that word with each other and strangers.

    It's nothing to do with white and black , it's the context and how well they know the person. I've seen white friends use that words to black ppl without a prob. But in the right context.

    Heres an example that some may understand. Sometimes women call each other the B word in friendly terms. But what happens if a stranger calls them the same word in the wrong context? What would you think if someone called your wife that in a negative context?

  • I'm not even going to try to talk any kind of sense here. All I can say is that if I didn't personally know some really cool white Americans this website would really make me hate white Americans. Vai foder bitches.

    • lol….true

    • If any race doesn't empower themselves with education and drive to succeed, and only resorts to violence and wanting help. The problem will continue and never stop. There's white trash that I'd like t slap the heck out of.

  • Mayhem might even be able to tap
    hall….Uriah is a let down