Video: Joe Lauzon behind the scenes at UFC 155 (Pre and Post-Fight)


Joe Lauzon is one of the most decorated fighters in the UFC when it comes to knockouts, with no less than 6 Submission of the Night, 5 Fight of the Night, and 1 KO of the Night awards. Despite losing to Jim Miller via Unanimous Decision, Lauzon delivered a memorable performance inside the Octagon, and will definitely remain as one of the most entertaining fighters in the UFC. Check out Lauzon’s UFC 155 adventures in the video blog below.

  • Great fighter, great person. His division is just packed with better fighters though. He's reaching that age where we will see if he has strong determination and will to continue to elevate himself as a fighter or will he slowly fall off.

  • interesting that yves lavigne is talking to the fighters before, to clear any question. cool!

    • from what i have seen most refs address the fighters they will be fighting backstage beforehand, there is a good video somewhere of John McCarthy giving locker room instructions

    • I think they have to do it
      just so everything is clear and understood
      so theres no room for "oh i didnt know i could do this" or "i didnt know i was tapping like this"

    • It's protocol for all referees to talk to all the fighters they are reffing that night prior to the fight in the dressing room to make sure they understand how they interpret the rules (e.g. Yves showing where he counts as "back of the head").

      Your right though it's cool to see and Yves looks like he lays out his rules plain and simple like they should be.

      • Also if you notice in a lot of main events when the ref brings the fighters together they say something a long the lines of "We've went over the rules in the dressing room and I want a clean fight".

  • In the words of Joe Rogan – "JOE LAUZON IS AN ANIMAL!".

    Always respected Joe as a fighter and person, he goes way out of his way for the fans, in and out of the cage.

    One of these guys who are great fighters but just can't crack that top 10, makes it even worse he is fighting in the most stacked division in MMA.
    I think Joe can still improve and get some more big wins but I don't feel he is the incredibly elite fighter who could beat guys like Bendo, Nate Diaz, Cerrone, Pettis and Maynard.

    I could be wrong and hopefully I am, one of the most exciting fighters in the sport so good luck to him he has done so much for us fans.

  • Um Puke Vomit might be a rookie when it comes to viewing combat sports…idk ….But as far as I can remember boxing and mma has alwayssssss had the refs speak to fighters before the fight. Some refs have a different view on the back of the head shots as well. which need to be explained in detail. I thought everyone knew this its kind of common sense idk sorry if im rude. But I believe this is why all the fighters loveeeeee Stich the cutman and have a good relationship with him. The cutmen wrap all the fighters hands before the fight and most likely some good conversations are sparked during that procedure.

  • Jds and lauzon had two of the best losses i've ever watched

  • Anyone who gets 40 stitches, loses a gallon of blood, and stays strong for three rounds deserves "fight of the night". His fight and Jnr's showed how tough these UFC fighters are.
    complete Warriors….!

  • This video was cool as hell. Really showcased the entire process and the life of a fighter.

    Also displays the finely oiled machine that is the UFC. Super organized, super professional.

    And then of course, both Lauzon and Miller are two super classy guys. Great blog.

    Those stitches looked soooooo painful.