Suspicious Video Footage Shows Possibly Fixed MMA Fight At Rizin


Pride will never die, and nor will it’s allegedly shady tactics. You’ll be interested to see this video that shows a very fishy finish at Rizin FF….

So it was the turn of Rizin Fighting Federation to round out the year with some entertaining mixed martial arts action in Japan. Nobuyuki Sakakibara’s updated (or not) version of his classic MMA promotion Pride FC debuted in the early hours of the morning (US time) today. The first part of the two day JMMA offering was headlined by Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Shinya Aoki. The entire results for Rizin FF day 1 can be found here.

But there’s one fight that got overlooked, and is, frankly, suspicious at best. Satoshi Ishii, a former Olympic Judoka and common opponent/punching bag of Fedor Emelianenko and Mirkp Cro Cop took on Jiri Prochazka in a bout that barely got going. Check ut the first round finish, in all it’s probably fixed glory:

It’s well known that the Pride FC organization was run by some seriously crooked dudes, and featured a whole bunch of fixed fights. One of the Pride 2.0 allies is Bellator MMA, who have also come under fire for rather sketchy finishes in recent times (see Manhoef vs. Marshall and Kimbo vs. Shamrock).

So is this what MMA has been reduced to nowadays? A somewhat pro wrestling take on fighting is becoming more commonplace in modern mixed martial arts promotion, and it’s getting tiring in all honesty. The problem is obvious when people are placing money on professional fighting, and Ishii (among others) are more interested in taking a nap for cash than actually trying to win a fight.


This picture says it all, notorious fight throwing, theatrically dancing, overblown douchebag Bob Sapp, who will also fight for Rizin FF on NYE, against sumo Akibono. So don’t expect this to be the only post about Rizin being a circus. That said, it’s hella fun to watch. Bring on Fedor Emelianenko vs. some random tomato can!

‘The Last Emperor’ will do battle with Jaideep Singh, and if you haven’t heard of him, don’t worry, because neither have the rest of us. 1-0 in MMA, 40-10 in kickboxing, Singh’s biggest win was a knockout against Sergei Kharitanov in kickboxing.


Yes, Japanese MMA certainly is ‘still a thing,’ but at what cost?

Well, in fairness, Rizin FF day 1 was actually a blast to watch, and you can catch all the best highlights on the next page.

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  • Maple Crunch

    Ishii got knocked down because even if you block a headkick, you can get knocked down from sheer force of a 200 pound man kicking you. He pops right back up and isn’t rocked or anything, then gets knocked down with a punch. Focusing on the kick and framing it as if that is what put Ishii down on his stomach to be kneed is ridiculously dishonest.

  • Anonymous

    It was fixed as all hell. You’re in denial if you don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    If they signed Bob Sapp, trust me. There will be fixed fights.

    • Dabs

      Funny you say that, because Sapp’s fight was brutal as far as fighting and the best he has ever looked. The stoppages due to cuts were ridiculous and the way they took time to come to the verdict. The ref was also warning a bit too much about behind the ear shots. I think Akebono was supposed to win somehow. That was a retarded show. I can see why JMMA is near on nigh…

    • James Witteveen

      This is a little late, but Bobb Sapp isn’t paid to lose or anything. He throws fights by himself, because he (and he said this himself) doesn’t want to get hurt.

  • Will Rock You

    The REAL suspicious video is the one with a champion fighter who hasn’t lost a fight in ten years running across the octagon, swinging wildly and getting knocked with an easy counter in 13 seconds. That move saved the entire company.