Video: Steven Seagal Throws Around Students In Martial Arts ‘Demonstration’


As a sometimes cornerman of all-time great former UFC middleweight champion Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, martial arts movie star Steven Seagal has gained more than a little bit of criticism for his supposed lack of any real, applicable, and/or relevant tactics in today’s rapidly evolving mixed martial arts (MMA) landscape.

He fueled that fire by stating that he taught Silva the infamous front kick that knocked Vitor Belfort out in early 2011, and to this day he’s since still lambasted for his sporadic appearances alongside MMA fighters during their walkouts.

Yet Seagal is still known for being a respected and dangerous Aikido master, honing his craft in Japan as one of the best in the world during his prime. He certainly parlayed his martial arts skills into a lengthy and lucrative film career, so it can also be argued that he’s a true master who made the most of his skills during a time when MMA was not readily available as an option for martial arts experts.

He didn’t do anything to support that argument during a recent ‘martial arts demonstration’ in Russia, tossing his willing (and sometimes confused) training ‘partners’ aside in a choreographed show full of one-handed wrist locks and even some vicious clotheslines straight out pro-wrestling. Watch Sensei Seagal’s showing above and see if you think all of the hate directed at him is justified or not.

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  • aFriendlyAgenda

    “Alright, now grab me like this.
    No no no, like THIS!
    You’re not grabbing me correctly!”

  • james

    Its justified he is totally a jack ass regardless of his skill. Which was at one point high enough for Japan to honor him. Guess he never got the respect, humbleness, and honor part down.

  • GM

    hahahaha what a joke…
    they are puppets…not trained to do anything but try to grab him..
    unrealistic… No one, No one on the streets or in a fight will ever come at you like these poor puppets…

    • james

      That’s true and he is a jackass but he would still destroy most common thugs. The positions of hands are to show specific techniques. So if there grabbing you in any hand position you will have a grappling counter. Its hard to tell if that’s what he was doing. The Japanese break everything down by very small differences in techniques. Its possible he was showing the different moves from different hand placements and his ukis didn’t understand exactly. He is a respected martial artist. Its his personality that is a failure.

  • Pavel Tsvetkov

    Aikido demonstrations always look like that—get your facts right.

  • Camille Teaux

    When I was in USAF Special OPs, Seagal paid us a visit at Hurlburt Field, Florida. We gave him a ride on a combat helo. He was too fat to fit into any of our flight suits and barfed several times during the flight.