Video: Watch Floyd Mayweather Shower Conor McGregor In One-Dollar Bills

Photo by Noah K. Murray - USA TODAY Sports

After a two-hour wait from its original 6:30 p.m EST start time left fans restless, today’s (Thurs., July 13, 2017) third press conference from Brooklyn could legitimately be considered a letdown compared to the fireworks that broke out at yesterday’s presser in Toronto.

Both fighters weren’t exactly on top of their trash-talking game on the third leg, and perhaps that’s to be expected after two back-to-back events in Los Angeles and Toronto this week. But this is a world tour for the supposed biggest fight of all-time, so there’s little room for error amongst the two biggest personalities in combat sports, and they just didn’t deliver up to their potential after an excruciating wait today.

One of the few bright moments of the presser was when “Money” showered McGregor with a whole bunch of his namesake, to which “The Notorious” responded that the money he was being doused with all one-dollar bills, something that will certainly fuel the fire for his recent suggestion that Mayweather owes a large sum of money.

Check out the strange scene courtesy of the UFC on Twitter:

  • NateDogg

    Floyd knows how to embarras himself. xD

  • ShawnKarr

    The look on McGs face is priceless! The great White hope is starting to look less and less hopeless