Video: Conor McGregor Acts Out Entire Jose Aldo Fight BEFORE It Happened


This is one of the eeriest videos you will ever see. Conor McGregor is a master of predictions, but he plays out the entire Jose Aldo fight on camera before it even happened….

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor finally took over the division at UFC 194 this past Saturday December 12, with a stunning 13 second knockout against Jose Aldo. The internet went wild with memes and videos of the incredible stoppage win over the nine-year reigning king, and a new king was born that night. In typical McGregor style, he had predicted a first round knockout the whole time.


McGregor had said that Aldo’s time as champion was up, and looking back on it now, he did look rather soft around the midsection, especially in the above video. So maybe all the highlights of Aldo in his prime wrecking fools did little more than blind us to the fact that he was already old hat in the UFC featherweight division.

Of course he was a brilliant and exciting champion to watch, but it seems McGregor had his number the whole time. He said that ‘Scarface’ would fall in the opening exchanges, but not many fans believed ‘The Notorious,’ including even some of his own following.

So was he just popping off at the mouth? Well, clearly not, but this new video has emerged that makes his predictions even spookier. Not only did McGregor correctly predict the round and method of the finish, but he acted out the fight in it’s entirety before it even happened.

Skip to page 2 for the eerie footage of ‘Mystic Mac’ in action….

  • AMG

    I have no use for McGregor, no matter if he wins, no matter his proclamations about how he feels sorry for Aldo, no matter what. The man is a bully, a self-mportant egotistical buffoon. All the skill in the world won’t change that fact as far as I’m concerned.

    • Mike

      You are wrong. He is not a bully. He actually is much different than he appears to be. He is energetic and ambitious and knows he has something to teach people about fighting and they wont listen to him.

      I know the feeling. When I was young I knew tons about building and no one would listen when I spoke because they all thought I was young and didn’t know what I was talking about because it wasn’t what they were used to hearing. Well, I got seemingly arrogant and here I was, an 18 year old who looked 16, checking 40 year old mens work and making sure it was up to my level.

      Needless to say they didn’t like it. But if they were around me enough they started to ask me to answer their problems because after they got to know me they realized I was not all talk.

      • AMG

        I’ve heard or read things to that effect as well. Maybe it’s true, but I sure haven ‘t seen it.

    • Kris-tyahn

      A bully?!? He’s a self promoting athlete/fighter. He’s exactly like Chael Sonnen, you either love him or hate him and you will pay to watch him lose badly or watch him KTFO out of his opponent. He makes people want to watch him fight and he’s laughing all the way to the bank, just like Sonnen did. People like you need to get some common sense, he’s being the “Heel”/the bad guy, the guy most people hate, b/c he knows people who hate you will pay just as much if not more to watch him fight, then those who like him. GSP didn’t need to do any of the trash talking b/c his skill was all he needed, and the fact that he was a class act and the face of MMA the last 5-6 years of his career. It’s easier to do what Sonnen and Conner do, then it is to do it the way GSP did… don’t get me wrong they’re both hard to accomplish well, if it wasn’t then everyone would be doing it.

      • AMG

        You’ve made my point for me. Some don’t need the trash talking, or if they do it they do it with class, like Ali did, or GSP as you mentioned. McGregor is a buffoon, a clown. And like all good clowns, he’s entertaining. Nothing more.

  • 895 2341

    acts out? he just practiced a left hook.