Josh Rosenthal involved in drug case, pleads guilty to all charges


MMA Junkie is reporting that veteran referee Josh Rosenthal has been charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute. Rosenthal has plead guilty to all charges and is currently awating his sentence by the U.S. District court.

According to the report obtained from the U.S. District Attorney’s office, one year ago federal agents raided a warehouse owned by Rosenthal located in Oakland, California which contained 1,356 marijuana plants valued at over $6 million.

According to the report, the current sentence proposed by the government based on Rosenthal’s cooperation stands at 37 months in jail, including fines and five additional years of probation, during which he would be subject to random searches.

Had Rosenthal not cooperated via pleading guilty and striking a deal, he would have faced 10 years to life in prison, a $10 million fine and a minimum of five additional years’ probation.

Rosenthal has been contacted for comment, but has yet to respond, and his lawyer Ted W. Cassman, has been unavailable.

Stay tuned to Lowkick as this story progresses.

  • ian

    hahaa! Maybe he was high while reffing fights too.

    • If he was then he did a f*ckin good job!! All the refs should start smoking weed.

      • ian

        Except on that Munoz one.

        • 1400 PLANTS!!! That GREEDY MUTHA F**KA was EATING!!!!! I live in Oakland, indoor growing made me a well off happy man,made my black thumb turn PURPLE but i was no way near harvesting that many plants every 3 months

          • Is this the same Hateocracy from East Oakland who was badly beaten in a battle with Bushido Brown?

            The same Hateocracy who was arrested for stealing a kitten from his neighbours backyard, stamping on a puppy dogs tail and telling jokes which made a Billy Goat puke?

            It's cool that you advertising your offences and admirable that you want to right the wrongs you committed against society through all your nefarious activities by getting yourself locked up.

      • I'm sure a lot of them do…surely HERB Dean must have had a toke in his life. Definitely opens up the mind a piece does having a joint 😉

    • good for him he ***** as a referee anyway, but i think he can continue being a referee when there is ufc in jail. He can be a good help in jail.

    • weed users dont have the right to live in this planet only in this world, only in snoop doggs mansion. ehehehe

    • ***update*** This just in. They raided a second warehouse and it was discovered to contain 10,000lbs of fritos, 400lbs of sprayable cheese, 200 bags of funions, 2000 buckets of carmel popcorn, and 400 2 liters bottles of Grape Fanta soda.
      As of this writing it is still to be detemined as to whether this will be listed under proceeds of crime or paraphernalia,

  • It's medicinal bro!!

  • Make it legal worldwide already…

    • Couldn't agree more… The man is going to jail for growing a plant that comes out of the ground. Complete BS. Go F*ck yourself government!

      • I see the same downward social spiral with weed users that I see with alcohol. Children missing their parent who is too busy with drug procurement and use to pay attention and no money for proper food and clothing. The families break up and the spouse is then better off but goes through a lot.

        I often hear people say "it's no worse than alcohol" well, its just as bad except that we are seeing emphysema and other smoking related diseases.

        Do lots of occasional users enjoy with no problems – it seems so.

        I understand I will get weaked for this post but these things I see in my practice are not my fault folks. Just the facts.

        • I do agree with you, but I also beleive there are health benefits outside of smoking it. Many have had symptoms of cancer relieved fully and we know what the gov't does when we want to cure their cash pots. Canada already found a cure to all cancers with some over the counter drug. He needed 100 000 000.00 to get it made and nobody would front the bill. That is a tenth what cancer costs the health care system every year but they won't fund it. They will send 100 million to another country for aid but they won't cure cancer? It can be made to cure cancer at an average of $30.00/ person needing cure. They are making about $90 000.00/person just on chemo which does not do anything but give you a new problem sometimes worse than the cancer. Apparently the guy who discovered the drug says they have had it for over 40 years but nobody will pay to advertise it or produce it because it will apparently ruin the economy and many hospitals will be in so much debt from chemo equipment that they will shut down. It was on for 1 broadcast by Lloyd Robertson and then it was not brought up again from what I can tell. They take away any cheap way to fix big problems. It has nothing to do with our health that they take weed away, its all about the fact that if it's legalized many people will be cured of cancers. If anything just make it illegal to smoke but not grow.

        • Weed isn't just as bad, first off I'll agree you can use it as a distraction and it can cause people to be sh*tty parents or break up families/relationships but is that really the weed I wonder in a lot of these cases? How many people in that scenario would be crappy parents even without weed. Correlation does not imply causation and I really don't think there has been that many studies isolating pot and it's impact specifically on families. The studies that I have seen all rank pots overall harm to society as below alcohol – one even listed alcohol as overall more harmful than crack and heroin (I – I'm having troubles finding the second one I'm thinking of). And second on that point weed basically doesn't turn anyone violent like alcohol can. It might make you neglect your responsibilities but I find it hard to see it making you beat or abuse them like alcohol does in some cases so I'd say alcohol in the home-wrecking department is far worse.

          You didn't bring this up but when comparing alcohol to pot, another common argument is the "gateway effect." Yale did a study as well as the University of Michigan on the "gateway effect" and found alcohol to be a greater "gateway drug" (which I think is a flawed concept to begin with) than alcohol is. So not as bad as alcohol there.

          I can't see pot being just as bad for you as alcohol is. Admittedly it can be a nightmare trying to sort out facts between the governments past trickery trying to make us think it kills brain cells by suffocating monkeys with 5 minutes straight of pot smoke and no oxygen and potheads over the top claims about the benefits but let's just look at the grand scheme of things. There is some legitimate benefits to pot like it fights cancer for example. I think that's enough evidence to put it ahead of alcohol right there but putting aside the other direct medical uses most people bring up there's evidence to suggest it helps promote B-cell growth in the immune system and promotes neurogenesis (

          I don't think alcohol can stack up with pot in any regards for health benefits. And realistically, which is worse for you, eating at a fast food joint every day or smoking a joint every day? I'd find it hard to imagine it's the latter.

          You might have some facts on pot but seems like your perspective is only seeing the negative side of it and missing the vast majority of people who are responsible regular users and just use it to have a good time with their friends or sit at home and think about the world or maybe someone who really does use it for medical purposes.

          • Well I failed with those links.

        • @Michael Stephenson

          Any chance of coming to see you regarding a medical marijuana licence ?

          But in all seriousness, the benefits that can come from marijuana are those benefits delivered through a tincture made available to patients who respond poorly to other pharmaceuticals that leave them with serious side effects. Of course this should be made available.

          What you refer to is the Cheech and Chong culture of individuals just wanting to be stoners for recreational use.
          The people who weaked you are packing their bongs as we speak getting ready to roll at 10th planet jujitsu. They have been placing their bongs under a Joe Rogan Shrine and will stop at nothing for legalization.

      • I know someone who's grandmother had pot growing in her back yard but she had no idea thats what it was. I used to be a basher of pot growers but I now find myself wishing I could get some legally as it can help me medicinally as an ointment if it has the thc still in it but now all the crap the govt grows for medicinal purposes are being made thc free the main active ingredient for certain ailments. They are just cornering the market for big pharma. They are trying to make walnuts illegal now for crying out loud as they feel in many places that holistic or home remedies are dangerous and could cause problems. It's a joke. Just like we need flouride in our water to kill rats… i mean heal our teeth.

  • My sympathies go out to Nick Diaz , Matt Riddle and Joe rogan.

  • Rosenthal's country is getting shot up, financially raped and a guy growing plants faces 10 million dollar fine & 10 years in prison…..?
    Is there something rotten in..any of the States?

  • God made Weed, Man made Alcohol… who should we trust???
    Feel sorry for Josh for trying to make the world a better place….

  • I feel bad for the guy, he may have been doing something illegal but he wasn't purposely hurting someone, which many people who commit assualt and **** get less time than that.

    Sorry Josh you were a good ref, one of the best. Sad that your life is basically over for 0 years.

    How weird would it be if he became a ref again in 2014?

    • With that big a fine he'll be all "tapped out"

  • Career….over.

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