Vaughn Lee denies fight set with Urijah Faber


It sounded like a squash match when we initially heard it an it appears that the fight that didn’t make much sense may not be a sure thing after all.

Word was that Urijah Faber was set to face Vaughn Lee at UFC 156 in February. Most didn’t understand why a bout between the undeserving Lee and Faber would be made, including Lee.

“Yeah it’s a rumor, I haven’t heard anything from the UFC confirming it, so yeah it’s just a nice rumor that’s got me a lot of followers on Twitter,” Lee said in an interview with Fighters Only. “I heard about me fighting Faber over Twitter, people we’re like, ‘Well, you’re fighting Faber and all this,’ and I was like ‘Am I? Oh Cool.’ It’s just a rumor, we haven’t heard anything.”

This is a good thing considering that Lee is 1-2 in the UFC and is coming off a loss to Faber’s teammate T.J. Dillashaw. However, if this rumor isn’t true,one has to wonder if Faber is even on the card. If so, who is he fighting as most of the fighters in his division are either tied up or people he’s already faced.

  • I hear Straka was the source for this "information".