‘Vacationing’ GSP Returns To TriStar To Teach BJJ Class


Another day, another twist in the never-ending saga around UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s supposed ‘vacation.’ Since his questionable win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, the beleaguered titleholder has denied all of the many rumors surrounding his proposed time off from MMA.

But that’s not going to stop him from getting back in the gym. Already. St. Pierre showed up at his home of TriStar gym to teach a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class for several students. Here’s a look at the scene courtesy of TriStar’s Facebook Page:

Interesting. St. Pierre did recently say that he is still stepping out from the sport, but it’s clear that his heart simply lies in MMA. Perhaps his emotions got the best of him following his war with Hendricks. GSP took to Twitter to clarify his tutelage:

What GSP does with his time is his business. But his statement about leaving the cage was vague to say the least, and his actions are beginning to show he doesn’t really want to stray all that far from fighting.

What is your take on the situation? You’d have to think that if St. Pierre truly wanted to walk away from the sport he loves, even for a little while, he wouldn’t be doing something like this.

Will the champ be ready to fight sooner than he has lead us to believe?

  • Um, hasn't he said all along that he was going to continue training?

    • What's is he teaching? How to go to distance and get the decision?

      • No i think hes teaching how to hold the weight of the world championship on your shoulders while remaining humble and staying a champion.. He lost to hendricks guys come on he might very well lose again sometimes people just need to accept maybe hes not the best anymore but i garuntee dana white will make sure we get to find out, even if gsp wants to hang it up

  • I don't think he mentioned training when he was on that beach, and definitely not when he was battered and bruised after the fight.

  • I don't understand why the guy is working so hard to hide his feelings. He is tired of fighting and getting beat up, and that is completely understandable. He's done everything there is, there's no reason to walk in there and continue getting beat up if your hearts not in it. Why he has to beat around the bush, make vague statements, and maintain a front completely baffles me. Come out and say "Look I've been fighting for years, and I'm tired of it" — done.

  • You are so right man. We get that he still wants to be involved with MMA, that's cool. Don't beat around the bush and say this and that, and I'm fine but I don't know what my next move is. Yeah, he beat Johny in a fight he maybe lost, but eventually someone was going to beat GSP anyway. No need to go out by getting knocked out cold. Point in case: imagine the hit to Anderson Silva's legacy if Weidman floors him with another knockout at UFC 168.

    • You are right on the money. But your last point about the Spider outlines an interesting catch-22. I don't think Anderson's legacy should be affected even if he loses. True, he could have walked away on top and been 'untouchable' but then people would call him a coward. I can't help but give massive respect to the Spider, even at 38 years old, he still puts in all the line when he has only one way to go from where he is, down. To say, 'hey you should have walked away' when he's probably doing it for the fans at this point, is probably unwarranted.

      I think a fair balance would be to go out after a superfight. I think if GSP knew he was going to retire, he should have put up a superfight before he left. The fact that he avoided it makes me wonder if he's more concerned about losing, than he is actually tired of fighting.

      • I agree. It is a sort of lose-lose for the Spider. His legacy should not be trashed if he loses again. Look at Chuck Liddell. He was supposedly unstoppable too. Props to Anderson for giving the fans what they want.

        And true, GSP may just want to keep his legacy intact, which is understandable. Perhaps that's why he's fought so safe for all these years. But it worked. No need to continue pressing your luck when your heart simply isn't in it.

        • All true points. But I can't help but be selfish and want to see GSP vs Spider!!!

  • Id honestly love to see him retire on top. Stay envolved in ufc in other areas and turn around to be one of the best trainers in history on top of being one of the greatest champs and top 3 p4p fighters ever. . Would be awesome.

  • controversial!
    GSP wearing a Batman t-shirt (DC Comics) whilst under contract with Marvel…that's like being endorsed/paid by Nike but wearing Adidas gear in photo's…advertising the competition's brand…smart move