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I have been training in MA since I was 8 years-old. An injury from the USMC keeps me out of the ring/cage, but made me a writer!

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A thank you from new Chief Editor Mike Drahota

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"good luck, buddy!"
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Time to say Goodbye

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  • KeithFarrell : "Well I'm sure there are plenty of guys willing to help out here. I;ve tried to submit articles lately but the "submit" link is broken"
  • KeithFarrell : "Thanks for replying and sorry if I was brash in my comment, I just personally get tired of people who think that leg kicks and tactical evasion count as running. I agree Guida ran but that was different fro Condit as you noted. Anyway like I said thanks for replying and yea I enjoy reading your articles, keep up the god work bro"