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  • Scott Hirano : "garciacha2 -- Hey my friend, It really depends on the lighting. Where lighting is really good, and you had to choose one lens, I would go with the Canon 24-70 2.8. Where lighting is not so good, my preference is to use a Canon 50, either the 1.2 or 1.4. The only time I've seen flash allowed at fights was in Thailand. I've never seen it allowed here in the states while the fight is going on. That's not to say you couldn't have one mounted somewhere, like they do in basketball games. Hope that helps ya. Take care."
  • garciacha2 : "hi scott. im charlie garcia from the philippines. we also have mma events and ill probably be shooting some. What do you think will be the best lens to use for something like this?, ( i use a canon dslr camera) and what do you think will be the best angles? do you need to use an external flash? thanks in advance. God bless."
  • Scott Hirano : "Hey garciacha2, Just saw this message. Yea, shoot some questions and I'll answer what I can. I'm still learning too. Thanks"
  • garciacha2 : "hi scott could you give us photographers some tips/advice on this kind of photography? thanks"
  • jackthedrinker89 : "so if your the photographer, who took the picture of you taking pics?"
  • Scott Hirano : "Bunch of fighters on the list to shoot. I'm looking forward to what's next."
  • Scott Hirano : "Thanks Ryan, thanks David. Good to be here. I look forward to puttin' out the best photos I can for the site."
  • Ryan Ventura : "Hey Scott good to see you have a profile here now bro! "
  • David Saucier : "Welcome"