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  • matt1926 : "Hey thanks for the comment bro I actually just read it. I try to be objective but I like to make predictions to mix it up a little. People get real emotional about their favorite fighters like they do with their sports teams but you're never know whats going to happen. I was looking at your wall....I guess you like the Diaz brothers??"
  • DaddyLongStrokes : "I would like Nick if he was more intelligent lol. And dropped the wannabe thug stuff haha. He puts on exciting fights thats for sure but I am there to knock him down a notch when I can lol"
  • DaddyLongStrokes : "What? I never said I like Nick Diaz lol. I actually dislike him. But I am a die hard Chael Sonnen fan for sure"
  • Joey Santosus : "Thanks man... I've been pushing to see if they can fix that bug with ppl being able to see my picks. Regardless of whether a person thinks I am up to no good, I would just like to be able to look back on who my top picks were. For example, I picked Werdum to beat Fedor, and I picked Edgar to beat Penn in both fights. But, now no one can see that... Its a bummer really."
  • David Saucier : "tell me about it i have been back and forth on over half my picks over and over."
  • David Saucier : "sweet shit that would be badass"
  • David Saucier : "yeah thats a great pic for sure."
  • David Saucier : "check your inbox"
  • Joey Santosus : "Lol, ok cool... As I said, sorry if I seemed defensive :)"
  • David Saucier : "Im still planning on going, no health issues are going to keep me down"