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  • comonson : "FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!"
  • Jamie Kennedy : " your back dude havnt heard from ya in a while :)"
  • DaddyLongStrokes : "I stayed away from the Team Takeover stuff because i could sense it was nothig but garbage but i just saw one of their videos andi can officially say they should be removed from affiliation with Lowkick and all of MMA because what they are doing for MMA is what the "Jersey Shore" show is doing for New Jersey....except these guys arent entertaining"
  • Jamie Kennedy : " u should start a new thread fighters that never fulfilled their true potential, cud be interesting???"
  • DaddyLongStrokes : "you can watch it again on the user submitted stuff. i had to watch it again and Randy was telling the referee when he had the first arm triangle that James was saying "I give!" but then the referee asked James and he apparently told the ref he was ok. I wish Randy had threw more elbows, i wanted BLOOD!! hahaha"
  • comonson : "check the txt, lol"
  • comonson : "good job brotha!!!!!"
  • Daniel Cassidy : "great idea, but as a mod i gotta remain all professional and such! hope your idea works out tho!"
  • dropkickmurphy : " thanks Diablo, much appreciated..cheers"
  • DaddyLongStrokes : "Yeah i think we only disagree with things revolving Nick Diaz lol. And yes im picking Randy for sure, so do i just call his name out on a comment of your thread or what?"