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A fight fan since 1995, I love all aspects of the fight game.

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"Lol enjoy!!! I was thinking that exact same thing as I wrote this, man Nate Diaz is gonna be pissed when he reads this!!!!"
on the following blog post:
UFC on FOX 11 Salaries Revealed: Fabricio Werdum Tops List From Orlando

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Mike Drahotaadded a new blog postHector Lombard Wants Patrick Cote Fight With Nick Diaz "Running From Him," But "Predator" Has Other Plans

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Mike Drahotaadded a new blog postUFC on FOX 11 Salaries Revealed: Fabricio Werdum Tops List From Orlando

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I'd like to see it. Mix up the division in a big way. Also be interesting to see how Bones would respond to a loss.

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