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Well Zuffa now owns SF, so Bellator next?

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"If he got that for the Diaz fight then he was underpaid by at least a few mill."
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Quick Quote: Joe Rogan Says GSP Made $5 Million Per Fight

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Jonny Bones apparently lost his phone, then had a bunch of homophobic slurs sent from it, then posted a selfie. Man, I can't wait for the Gus rematch. A bigot vs a guy who used to rob people for fun. Yippy!

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"Although I wouldn't mind at all if the UFC finally did a boxing card with some of their fighters vs. boxers (of the past and present)."
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Nick Diaz: Tell Roy Jones Jr. To Buy Out My UFC Contract So We Can Fight

4 days ago
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"Give him the damn 500k he's looking for, and let him fight Lombard. He'll pull in much more than that in PPV buys or ratings on FOX. "
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Nick Diaz: Tell Roy Jones Jr. To Buy Out My UFC Contract So We Can Fight

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"Just a few things: -The UFC needs draws, and Diaz definitely fits that description. The UFC brand name brings in some people, but it does not bring in that many people http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFC_147 -Diaz fights against Penn and Condit, where he was the A side headliner, brought in just under 3 and 500k buys. His fight against GSP was 200k buys more than anybody else GSP ever went against. -For a draw that Diaz is 500k is not a lot of money, and in fact its way under what he's worth. http://www.badlefthook.com/2014/3/6/5479410/purses-canelo-alvarez-to-make-1-25-million-plus-revenue-alfredo ...That is an article of the purses of Canelo Alvarez's PPV fight against Alfredo Angulo. Canelo has a base pay of $1.25 mill, Angulo has a base pay of $750 k, and their are other payouts of $500k and $250k (among others) on the card. That card is set to be profitable for the promoter at 150k buys, and anything above is extra (it ended up doing over 350k buys, and Angulo and Canelo got much more profit off of PPV points). "
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Nick Diaz: I'm Retired Unless The UFC Wants To Renegotiate

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