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I compete at 170 and like to stay updated with the MMA world.

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  • HunterB : "and its funny, all your comments are always wrote at 2-4 am. what do you get drunk every night til 3 am?? is that when your split personality of an MMA fighter comes out??? you really have given my a laugh the last week. you are by far the biggest douche bag ive seen on this website. on any MMA website in all honesty. "
  • HunterB : "wannabe pussy, you have no record. you will give an address and not a name. get a life kid, stop being a wannabe. you arent fighting at a high level of competitio, the fights cant even be found on record. troll somewhere else, stay a pussy, you sound like a jersey shore reject, "come at me, come at me".... what a douche bag tool. you use the word scaredy cat. Once again you have no record and youre a wannabe pussy. Have a Merry Christmas, maybe Santa will bring you a douche to clean the sand out of your Vagina. "
  • HunterB : "and youre right, there is nothing to agrue about. you've been caught lieing, you are a wannabe. nothing but a pussy. "
  • HunterB : "from you ....crappler23: Just started fighting, had 2 amature fights. Faught for Fullforce and usfl. small shows for now. Get your lies straight, you are nothing but a wannabe, and will never be what you wish you could. "
  • Scrappler23 : "Seriously who farted?"
  • Scrappler23 : "Im no keyboard warrior kids"