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huge mma fan have bin for years all mma not just ufc like half the people now a days

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  • GeorgeRuetiger : "I don't even remember what your wall post was pertaining to"
  • Joey Santosus : "Sent u a Pm..."
  • GeorgeRuetiger : "The divisions were as such in Pride: 160lb limit - lightweight, 183lb limit - Welterweight, 205lb limit - Middleweight, above 205 - Heavyweight/Openweight. Rua, Rampage, Wanderlei, Alistair, etc. were all in the Pride Middleweight Tournament(s), ie. 205lb tournament, Shogun has never fought at 185. And Rua was never the division champ, he won the second tournament. If Pride had have survived long enough, he would have ended up facing Dan Henderson to unify the tournament belt with the division belt that Hendo won from Wand at Pride 33. (Hendo also won the 183lb tournament, got the tournament belt and they turned it into the division belt - same story with Takanori Gomi at lightweight"
  • mmafan13 : ""
  • pdidi911 : "the goods "
  • Ninja : " or theres only one link rite now but when the event starts there should b a bunch on both sites"
  • newmanhere : "bro why do u think James Tonny would win???"
  • Daniel Cassidy : "i addressed your comments on the public wall. please dont send my wall the same messages"
  • MRfidgets : "lol cheal didnt back up any of his talk he was made look like a bitch he eat elbows threw little girl punches couldnt stand with silva and silva let him hit him and showed cheal couldnt punch also silva was injuryd like great show for silva good job for making that dirt bag eat all that shit talk nights like this kick ass pissed jon fitch won would like him more if he could finsh fights"
  • Rigo : ""