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  • thealex : "hey what happen to you i remember you were 2nd place on lowpick"
  • HunterB : "you are losing your edge on the picks dude!!!!"
  • DevilBoy : "got class cant even watch the fights"
  • HunterB : "haha in your dreams !!!!!"
  • DevilBoy : "silva shirts gonna be mine im number 1 2morrow"
  • DevilBoy : "silva shirt is gonna be number 1."
  • DevilBoy : "hunter just get ready 2 get passed up,i would make some sicc fights as well as pick em.thanks 4 the advice ill have ta check it out."
  • HunterB : "lol if you can pick who wins the fights, thats not a good matchmaker, good matchmaking needs the outcome to be up in the air.... check out bodog or i make decent extra money betting on certain fights that i am pretty sure of the outcome. "
  • DevilBoy : "damn i pick so good i should be a match maker "
  • DevilBoy : "yeah thats me and my blood i fight at desert brawl in bend or and i fight at brass nux in medford or,im gonna be number1 and get andersons walk out tee"