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Dont care who you are or where you fight I just wanna see great fights!

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this could easily be the end of bispings career if he losses. he isnt getting a titile shot, has a shitty eye and is getting old... hes made a lot of $$

1 day ago
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great win for KJ love that guy but stout if one of my top favorite fighters really sad to see him get KOd like that. stout was really starting to peak with tompkins with his death he hasnt been the same

1 day ago
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"Truth. The initial woman's card did good because they put so much money into promoting it and it was the first time women were in the ufc. 168 was all silva rematch. The McCann card showed she clearly isn't the biggest star. They know she can't headline with Davis so they put her in co main with a huge weidman machida main"
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Bjorn Rebney: Ronda Rousey Is Not The Biggest Star In MMA

4 days ago
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PACman vs mayweather in retirement fights trilogy if it goes the distance. Billions of $$$$

5 days ago
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"They have balls for letting their champ go up in weight and possibly getting a beating. If he wins how the hell is it meaningless? A 185 champ beating a former ufc lhw champ and legend. Lets also not forget shlemenko has been fighting while Tito has been sidelined for almost 2 years. If this is 5 rnds titos fucked"
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Alexander Shlemenko vs. Tito Ortiz Is Official For Bellator 120 PPV

6 days ago
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  • HolyGrimace666 : "whats all this garbage about Hendricks tapping out in the first round and no one seeing it? lies!!"
  • Joey Santosus : "Please check your PM Box. Let me know if you have any trouble viewing my message. Thanks."
  • Ryan Ventura : "All good man. Duane is a very legit high level striker, combine that with some well-rounded MMA skills, it works! "
  • David Saucier : "check your inbox"
  • Bucky Power : "Yea it's in richmond. why do you live near it?"
  • David Saucier : "im experimenting with profile pics, seeing which one i like"
  • Jamie Kennedy : "haha cheers man. I hope so too ;)"
  • IChokePeople : "Yo! I was out of the chat too long to respond on the public wall. I am not forgetting that this is MMA man. I know subbing GSP is a hard thing to do even for Shields. I even said that I think GSP will win a close decision. The fact remains though that Shields is a damn good wrestler and BJJ practitioner. He has the ability to get a sub. "
  • Daniel Cassidy : "i know what u mean about his style. back in the day he was seriously exciting. like the griffin fight too. but really stole the show, such a friendly guy. we never got a video, but tried to find ariel helwani all day to see if we could mooch into his video's lol! met johnny hendricks and matt mitrione too. both really nice dudes"
  • Daniel Cassidy : "man rashad was such a cool dude. the lines for couture and wanderlei were about 5 hours long. met stephan struve and imguel torres too, amongst a few others. met dan mirigliotta too. cool guy"