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Cyborg is still the champ imo

1 hour ago
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I feel ya Griff, I haven watched TUF since Cruz and Faber I think, although i did catch the first episode of the new one, im pretty interested, but more to the point, ufc has been selling out for a long time, and its always the fighters and fans taking the shaft in the name of making headquarters more money, it can really turn people off from watching.

1 hour ago
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You have been a Gus guy for a long time, i wasnt referring to you, it was more of a generalization and aimed at the mob attack mentality that goes on.

3 hours ago
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"I know right how dare Jon respond to Chuck saying he would knock jones out, what an asshole"
on the following blog post:
Jon Jones Says If Chuck Liddell Wants To Come Out Of Retirement, He'll Welcome Him To A Superfight

7 hours ago
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"since your so passionate spacejam can you pay my ppv bill so i can watch."
on the following blog post:
Bellator Looks To Be Setting $39.99 Price Tag On Chandler vs. Alvarez III

7 hours ago
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