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"I guess finally Tito put his heart and soul into something, this interview! for ones he makes sense."
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Tito Ortiz: UFC 178 Will Hit One Million Pay-Per-View Buys Now

1 week ago
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Did anyone watch the Cub Swanson fight? How was it why is no news about it?

1 month ago
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"This is Stupid! they should just let them fight with whatever they have on their systems! if they felt better, train better and fight better then let them fight ones and for all, and lets all enjoy an awesome fight! tire of this bullshit testing and cheating remarks, TRT , steroids or whatever you take won't make you a better fighter! it helps of course it helps just like creatine and protein powder helps a bodybuilder! does that mean they don't have to do the work? In MMA that won't matter because is all about skills "
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Updated: Chael Sonnen Out Of UFC 175 After Failing NSAC Drug Test, Hear His Response Here

2 months ago
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TJ just shock the world! the guy looks like a fusion of Dominick Cruz and Cub Swanson! cardio for days, amazing footwork and awesome head movement and that sharp and super crisp striking! wow Swanson/Pettis style!

2 months ago
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I start the get the feeling that most people will get the same I had a year ago when I started losing interest in MMA(UFC). with stars like GSP and Silva gone, Champions injured like Pettis and Cain, Aldo no longer the exciting champion that he was one's and Jones soon to lose his title to either Alexander or DC the UFC has started their descend on popularity , specially with all those point fighters out there making boring fights

5 months ago
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