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I start the get the feeling that most people will get the same I had a year ago when I started losing interest in MMA(UFC). with stars like GSP and Silva gone, Champions injured like Pettis and Cain, Aldo no longer the exciting champion that he was one's and Jones soon to lose his title to either Alexander or DC the UFC has started their descend on popularity , specially with all those point fighters out there making boring fights

3 weeks ago
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"I was so piss off on saturday with Lawler because he had the fight, by the end of round 4 he was dominating the fight , he gave up in the last minute and a half and allow Hendricks to take him down and score a few punches to win the round by points and the title. If he just gave his all in that last minute he would be the champion right now. freaking Hendricks just cruise most of the fight , this guys don't show the true desire to become champions. Hendricks is just Lucky Robbie didn't pull the trigger in that 3rd round and 4th. too late for Lawler now if he rematches Rory he won't beat him again, same with Woodley he will just LnP him probably in the last minute of round 2 and 3 to beat him by points. can't stop this feeling of parting away from MMA as time pass by with less and less entertain events by the UFC "
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Robbie Lawler: Maybe I Should Have Pressed Hendricks A Little Bit More

4 weeks ago
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"The WW division is just stacked with talent, we got Condit who is the best now, his only real lost is to GSP and he gave GSP a run for his money almost finishing him with that nasty head kick, only one who has come close to finish GSP in the last 6-7 years. After Condit we got guys like Rory Mcdonald, Robbie Lawler, Hendricks, Ellenberger, Lombart, Maia , Brown, Shields , Woodley , Marquardt all top level guys and Diaz if he comes back. Really excited to see what happens this 2014 with the WW division"
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Tyron Woodley On Carlos Condit Fight: I Was The Only One Who Stepped Up

1 month ago
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"Bellator may not get even close to the UFC in terms of views but one thing is true Bellator growth of popularity is rising really fast while the UFC ratings and views seem to be lower than previous years. So technically you can say that Bellator is going up while the UFC is going down, regardless of how big the gap is between the 2 organizations Rampage has a point. It things remain the same its only matter of time before Bellator equals the UFC in terms of viewers and popularity and this time the UFC can't buy Bellator because Bellator is own by Viacom now. So Dana better step up his game."
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Rampage Jackson Claims The UFC Is Losing The Ratings War With Bellator

1 month ago
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"Sure because Belfort doesn't have around 13 KO's before his winning streak in the UFC with TRT. Because we all know that normal range of testosterone in a men via treatment gives you somehow super power in your punches sure! Because all fighters using TRT like Frank Mir for example has not lost 4 in a row since he started using TRT. Yeah it makes all the difference , a quick advice if you don't know what you are talking about just shut your stupid mouth ! "
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NSAC Unanimously Approves TRT Ban For MMA Fighters, UFC Quickly Follows Suit

1 month ago
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