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I am a hardcore Mixed Martial Arts fan for a long time now, trying to promote the sport worldwide. I would be more than happy if you drop me a line, so we can chat about Mixed Martial Arts happenings around the world. Thanks for taking part in LowKick community !

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  • dropkickmurphy : " Can you let me know who to ask about the picks? Something messed up, don't want to bother the wrong people. Thanks"
  • grapplure : "i sent you a pm"
  • grandslam : "Cant see the comments thread on the article "MMA fighters predict Ben Vs Nate". "
  • commonprosperity34 : "Share a website with you , ( ) Believe you will love it. We accept any form of payment. (.?′ `*.¤ ′¨) ¤ .?′?.?*′¨) ?.?*¨¨¨) (?.?′ (?.?` **VALE***( `?.¤ `?.? ) ¤ ___*...*000000___000000 *...*___ __*...*00000000_00000000 *...*__ __*...*00000000000000000 *...*__ ___*...*000000000000000 *...*___ _____*...*00000000000 *...*_____ ________*...*00000 *...*________ _________*...* 00 *...*_KISSS__ __________*...*0*...*____ "
  • darejz00 : "Enjoying the website man, good work!"
  • IRISH : "hey bro any news on the rampage gloves? I WANT MY GLOVES haha"
  • GSAINTMMA : "I emailed you the other day with my address. Did you get it? "
  • DaddyLongStrokes : "Btw Point me out to the guy who does the point stuff so next time I can bug him instead of you lol"
  • DaddyLongStrokes : "Okay, you are probably annoyed with picks talk brought up by myself. But Lowkick picks is saying Rodrigo Damm won by submission but giving more points for picking KO/TKO over Submission. (Submission pick is in red even though its the correct pick)"
  • TheEnforcer : "great pick with frank mir, idiot what were u thinking anyone that knows mma knew santos wins this fight, keep up the good work you make me laugh"