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Massive MMA fan, been training just over 18 months, I've had 2 amatuer fights, and am 1-1 so far!

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  • KeithFarrell : "yea they are Region 1 (USA) dvds but i should get them going on my PC, how come?"
  • HunterB : "lol it just says "Daniel Cassidy Submitted" on my page when you jst posted something"
  • HunterB : "damn bro did you bet on ufc 141!?!?! "
  • David Saucier : "Thanks man yeah the surgeries went good, I just feel like shit now that im home trying to recover, im gaining an extra hour of sleep each day since I got home thursday the first day I was wide awake at 4 AM next day 5 AM etc. hopefully it dosnt take to long to feel normal again. How is your hand/wrist doing?"
  • comonson : "http://www.mmalinker.com/videos/view/47715/Bad-Blood-LIDDELL-vs-ORTIZ-Documentary-2011"
  • ClosetCasey : "Hey man, I was just messing around. I didn't hear anything. You use to follow me on Lowkick back in the day. I gave you crap one time because your user name was Danc454 and I thought it meant Dance 454. Lol !!! You can follow me again if you want. Later dude."
  • mma15johnny : "thanks for the advice man, will work on it, really appreciate it"
  • crocopcullen : "alright man, saw your post on the public wall, we're unaffetced by the fox deal. all thefights will still be broadcast on espn UK. (dana's twitter)"
  • sleepy : "gud fight dan.. he semed bigger than you tho.."
  • sleepy : "its been shown for free live on ufc.com mate.. on ufc facebook page it says = We regret that ESPN has declined to license this event, which falls outside their current agreement. but the prelims our also been shown live on facebook.. also send me the link to your last grappling match dan will ya??"