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MMA aficionado, I love all aspects of MMA-Training, watching, writing its just an amazing sport. I love to train in traditional styles such as Muay Thai, Judo, boxing and anything that gets the blood pumping! Follow me on twitter @rorylowkick

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Fighting in Asia...

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  • falcon4917 : "Hey Rory, I just want to apologize for the whole thing on Norman Parke a few days ago. I started some stuff unintentionally with the whole where is he from stuff. I know there are some who would consider him a Brit, I just don't because I feel thats how he would feel. Just an opinion and I never meant to create a war over it. I can see why you would see it that way and I hope you accept my apology. The way I may have come accross some might think I am I R A which I am Anyway I really do like your articles and hope you keep up the great work."
  • Bruce Lee : "Rory, just an idea for LowKick Writers - I would suggest that there is a fascinating story in the making at - or perhaps I'm the last person to see this. The UFC has the top ***** in the UFC and you can change the menu item to determine what top ten you look at. It is very interesting to see the Top 10 fighters with the longest fight average. eg. GSP is only #9. It is also fascinating to see who are the Top 10 with the shortest average fights. Most of the shorter average guys are lesser known. Most of the longest average fight guys are very well known. Also comment could be made about the fact that the longest average fight guys are largely wrestlers. Also some of the shortest fight guys are no longer in the UFC. A big surprise is how high Jose Aldo is on the longest average fight list (#3). Up to you but I found it interesting."
  • darejz00 : "thanks for the Best of Pride article. I'd like to see some sort of Pride poll, discussing what made it so special and loved by fans, maybe even comparing it to UFC. Its definitely nostalgic but it would be an interesting discussion and I'd love to hear real opinions not just the usual "fck UFC pride was better'. "
  • griffin : "if you are still looking for the song i believe its danzig- thirteen"
  • David Saucier : "Just living one day at a time, glad to hear things are going good."
  • David Saucier : "hows life treating you, and the fire fighting?"
  • Rory Kernaghan : "back baby"
  • Rory Kernaghan : "onemoreround is a troll"
  • grapplure : "daley getting kod was goooood"
  • Rory Kernaghan : "Onemoreround is a troll"