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Mike Drahota is a passive aggressive coward. He blocked me from chat because I am "a troll" and "only complain". Read from my past comments below, judge for yourself if i am a so called troll. Ive been here since this site started and was an original contributor to help gt this site where it is today, I am a Top 5 all time fight picker, and I don't deserve this bullshit. I am also a BJJ Purple belt and an MMA hardcore fan since 99. I attended UFC 60. It was the shit.

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dude... this site maaaan....gettin jaded...

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wow guys did you hear the exciting UFC Canada news!! Parick Cote and Sarah Kauf....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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PS:: Rockhold= Beast

7 months ago
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Thx Dave.. Btw, good to see you back!

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  • Entity : "Hows it going HB? I have a few friends here, usually the older members. I work so much, I just pop by to see if there's any shocking news and to see what fights are coming up. I dont argue anymore hardly at all. I admit, many of the titles are simply bait titles that could be left out.Looks like Yahoo or something lol"
  • HugeBalls : ""
  • jon : "thx!, its getting awful close... watch your back!"
  • Entity : "I hate to say it, but getting Ron Paul into the Whitehouse is actually more important to me than MMA right now, but I love my MMA. I quit posting in threads though, this place has become ridiculous.I just read the news and try to weed out the bias. If you hear any good news throw it my way. Be cool."
  • Entity : "Whats the subject of the podcast? PEDs? lol"
  • Entity : "Your profile pic rocks lol"
  • David Saucier : "The league is created at the league name is "Lowkick MMA" the password is "Bones" please register as soon as possible, the draft will be on AUG 28th and 7pm EST"
  • David Saucier : "As soon as I create the league I will let everyone know, what time and day are best for you to hold the draft day, im trying to pick the best day of the week and time for the draft that is best for the mos people."
  • David Saucier : "do you want in, in my lowkick fantasy football league? Only lowkick members are aloud to join, we have 6 people so far."
  • HugeBalls : " I am a Huge Rua fan, but just seeing the evolution of Jones and his ridiculous size advantage, agility, power, and obvious strong will, I honestly think Jones is gonna shock us with his dominance. .. I hope Rua fights hard though, and would be excited if he won too."