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A fight fan since 1995, I love all aspects of the fight game.

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That card is stacked Magic. Gonna be fun. I like those rare Friday night cards.

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Mike Drahotaadded a new blog postUFC 177: TJ Dillashaw vs. Joe Soto Video Highlights

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Mike Drahotaadded a new blog postUFC 177 Post-Fight Bonuses: Dillashaw, Medeiros, Ferreira, & Nijem Bank $50,000

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  • dropkickmurphy : "I just wrote a long paragraph about how I had been here for six years since this was myvideofight. I never complained. Not when we had the facebook debacle. Not when the Alphatroll Ston3pony. I was less than enthusiastic when we lost the picks for this "better" site. I have posted questions, responded etc..Come back later to this "Interactive" site to see that my comments never posted. When I posted the long paragraph to let my thoughts be known, that a guy who has been here through thick and thin is frustrated..It ditched my post, told me I needed to sign in when I was already signed in. Are you great guys, Yup. Are you a great staff? Absolutely. Back up what you say, defend the site that you love. Tell your tech guys to do their fucking jobs and fix the fucking site, or put it back to the way it fucking was. I am beyond pissed at this situation. Take it for what it is."
  • watermelon fresh : "good read http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2014/5/5/5676182/ufc-florida-boxing-commission-lobbying-disclosure-ppv-figures"
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  • IChokePeople : "Okay. I tried to send you a PM with my password and it won't allow that either. "
  • watermelon fresh : "please post article about fitch disclosing his pay and the fact he only make 176k per year wth UFC on avg"
  • turdcologne : "Hey drahota, in response to your reply that was directed at me on the Roy Nelson thread. Have at it a$$hole. You think I give a rats f*ck if I'm a member a site that is censored by a some politically correct hypocrite? For one, I didn't spew forth hate or homophobic slurs. Mindkontroll did. I only responded to it. Secondly, I'm a man. I have a set of nuts and the ability to reason. You probably had the same thing when you were born. What happen?"
  • enjoylife321 : "Hi Mike, I tried to create a POLL and made an error. The poll was suppose to be: POLL: Which MMA coach from Bellator's upcoming Fightmaster reality series would you want in your corner? 1. Randy Couture 2. Greg Jackson 3. Frank Shamrock 4. Joe Warren"
  • Baby Ads : "hey how come i cannot comment anymore?"
  • grandslam : "Hey Mike, your recent articlee on AS was a piece of c.r.a.p by the way. "
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