Urijah Faber Talks Yuri Alcantara: It’s A Dangerous Fight In A Lot Of Ways


Urijah Faber will return to action at UFC on FS1: Boston, against Yuri Alcantara. Alcantara (28-4 (1)) has almost as many fights as Faber (28-6), but is a relative unknown in MMA. That is what Faber thinks, at least. Alcantara’s most recent fight was a first round KO win against Illarde Santos, who was overmatched from the jump. Faber, having fought for a title an outstanding 17 times as a pro, has a lot more stock to lose against Alcantara.

Check out this snippet from MMAJunkie.com, where Urijah talks about Alcantara:

“The face didn’t pop into my head when they said his name, but I remember seeing the guy fight, and he’s very tough, It’s a dangerous fight in a lot of ways for me, but that’s where I’m at in my career – where I’m not necessarily gaining a ton from this fight other than the fight itself.”

“There wasn’t much out there for me,” Faber said. “So I can just be thankful I have a fight – I get paid when I have a fight, my name’s out there when I have a fight, I get to do what I love when I have a fight. So as long as I approach it like that – the thing to gain here is another win on my record and one step closer to getting that belt, which is my goal, and putting on a great show for the fans. That’s what this means.”

There is the obvious shock upset to consider, but another factor is that Alcantara is one hell of a tough guy. Although his biggest win is probably Ricardo Lamas, he is showing vast improvement and he could be a star in the making. Faber continued:

“It’s a tough matchup,” Faber said. “I mean, the guy’s 28-4, and I’m 28-6. He’s fought at ’55, ’45 and ’35. He’s got solid standup and good jiu-jitsu. He’s got 12 finishes by knockout and 12 finishes by submission. It’s an even match.”

Faber has always been a top tier fighter, he is explosive, dynamic and fun to watch. I do wonder if Alcantara is getting fed to the sharks here, he has experience but nowhere near the level of Faber. But hey, I couldn’t have been more wrong with my UFC on Fuel TV 10 picks, so don’t go betting the farm.

“At this point in my career, I’m fighting to put on amazing fights to climb the way to the top. This guy, they think the world of. And even though nobody knows who he is, it’s going to be a very tough and competitive fight. But I’m going to win.”

So whats the call? California Kid or Marajo?


  • This should be an awesome battle, hope bantamweight gets cleared up soon because it's a mess at the top

  • Faber seems to be the only top tier guy in any division that actually will fight anyone and isn't afraid to lose his spot because he seems to really believe in himself. I wish other fighters would take note. As the years have gone by I have started to really see the real men in MMA.