Urijah Faber: Dominick Cruz Has A Chip On His Shoulder


The beef between Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz goes back five years, since the two first met at WEC 26. Faber won by submission, and in doing so he handed Cruz his only professional loss to date. The two met again at UFC 132, where Cruz picked up the decision win against Faber, defending his Bantamweight crown and setting the backdrop for a rubber match.

The two met as opposing coaches on TUF: Live, with the rubber match set for UFC 148. As we all know, Cruz tore his ACL and was forced to withdraw from the bout. Fast forward to 2013, and Cruz is still sidelined by the very same injury. Faber is set to fight against heavy underdog Yuri Alcantara at UFC on FS1: Boston, and Renan Barao is the interim Bantamweight champion.

Faber has been fighting top level guys throughout his career, and has become a very popular fighter. It’s great to hear that Faber is hosting a MMA combine, which will bring much needed attention to some top amateur talent in mixed martial arts.

At UFC on FS1: Boston, Faber will stand to lose a lot of stock if he falls short against Alcantara. It’s a great example of why Faber is so popular-he will fight anyone, anywhere, no question. Factor in Faber’s flashy, exciting style and you have the recipe for a modern MMA superstar.

It seems almost inevitable that Faber and Cruz will eventually fight again, although Barao is next in line, I feel it would be great to see Faber vs Cruz III. Check out this interview with Faber, where he details his fued with Cruz and talks about a host of other cool topics. Stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • I like both Faber and Cruz. I think they're both great.

    As to Cruz having a chip on his shoulder, I don't see it.

    • Some feuds are not easily squashed. Cruz having Urijha's number in the last couple matches is under Faber's skin for sure. Cruz being injured hasnt helped the situation as Faber keeps fighting on.
      If Cruz had finished Faber in the last two, it might have changed the war.

      • Last 2? Faber has a win by finish and Dominick has one by close decision. He had somewhat Fabers number in the second fight although Faber did all the damage and was fresher in the later rounds. But he outright lost to Faber in the first fight by stoppage. I am not sure what you mean by last couple of matches getting under Fabers skin, maybe one of them did. Cruz was knocked down 3 or 4 times by Faber in their second fight and although he was taken down was back up in under 5 seconds and Cruz won with volume of strikes and a few Greg Jackson style takedowns by a hair.

        • ahh ok, I thought they had fought twice after that loss.

          • By the way I did not give you you a weak and I can't wait for the 3rd fight.

  • look who is talking. faber is full of it.

  • Faber has a chip on his chin

  • Time for Cruz to set a definitive return date or lose that strap……this is getting ridiculous.