Urijah Faber doesn’t believe the UFC should strip Dominick Cruz of his title


Former WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber has a well-documented feud with current UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz. However, that doesn’t mean that he holds onto all of the past bad blood. Faber returned to his winning ways by submitting Ivan Menjivar at last month’s UFC 157, and will face off with Scott Jorgensen at the TUF 17 finale in a quick turnaround.

Cruz, of course, has been sidelined by a vicious series of knee troubles. Renan Barao has obtained the interim title in a fight with Faber, and then defended it once by submitting Michael McDonald. This week, Faber spoke up to Sherdog Radio about Cruz’s unfortunate injury situation, and he even spoke up a bit on the champ’s behalf:

“I don’t feel like he should be stripped of the belt. The guy’s earned it. Part of the reason why he’s injured is because he puts it all out there and hits like a weirdo, but he throws punches anyways. I wouldn’t count the guy out. I don’t think they should strip him of the title…. He’s still, in my opinion, considered the champion. I don’t think you strip a guy of the belt. I would be pissed if they stripped me of the belt.”

Faber raises a serious argument in the discussion of Dominick Cruz’s title, one that he did earn with an impressive run. While he’s been on the injured list for quite some time now, no one has taken the title away from him.

‘The California Kid’s’ words are a reflection of the true class that Faber usually puts forth in his dealings with the media. While he and Cruz had talked a good amount of smack about each other as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, Faber stepped up to recognize who the true champ is.

Renan Barao will take on former WEC Bantamweight Champion Eddie Wineland at UFC 161. If he wins, it will be the first time an interim championship has ever been defended twice in the UFC. Hopefully Dominick Cruz can return sooner than later in order to set up a blockbuster bout with Barao to unify the belts.

Meanwhile, Urijah Faber will be waiting in the wings, fighting for another chance at the title belt that has eluded him for the past few years.

  • this is so messed up, its unbelievable. and renan barao doesnt complain because he is a world class champion.

    im glad to see renan barao is on the OFFICIAL p4p list now, after years of greatness.
    i cant wait till barao fights cruz and gets the recognition he deserves especially with a record of 30-1

    • Barao has always been good but let's not get ahead of ourselves here, he has only been fighting top 10 guys the last 2 years.

      He is easily a top 10 P4P now but hasn't been for years like you are gesturing

    • Yeah, it would be different had he fought in the UFC for 20 of his wins, but he only has a hand full. Let's not forget either that the lower weight classes aren't as well known, nor do they have the same depth of skill that the LW & WW divisions have right now. But has he looked great thus far?!? Absolutely, but let's see after 4 or 5 title defenses. I'd like to see him vs. Aldo or Pettis (b/c I absolutely see Pettis beating Aldo, especially if Aldo can't finish Pettis before the end of the 3rd).

  • I like Cruz but Barao deserves to be called the official champion i mean the kids been on a crazy streak, great and fun fighter to watch and when he defeats Wineland he should be considered the offical champion and as for Cruz let him get an immediate rematch when he returns

    • I guess your meaning immediate title shot?

      • My bad i meant immediate title shot

  • That's some straight respect coming from Faber

  • I can smell the weaks as I write but I think Faber beat Cruz last time they met. But fair play to Faber for his humbleness and respect for his opponents.

  • Hella respect. Good to see from a long-time rival.

    Either way, IMO Cruz will dominate Barao if they meet.

  • Barao has the interim & gets the percs of a "champ" – the only diff is the title in front of the word Champ. Not sure how that has anything to do with Barao, Cruz, the UFC or the weight division. They have the "2nd best" guy defending the title, wo what's wrong with that?!? Barao hasn't "earned" nor does he deserve to be called Champ … YET! Barao, Faber & every other fighter in the UFC would still agree that Cruz is the Champ & taking his belt away & appointing Barao champ, would be more silly than to call him Interim Champ. GSP said it when he defeated Hughes the 2nd time when Serra had the belt, Condit said it when he won the interim, Carwin said the same thing when he beat Mir for the interim, when Brock was Champ. Do you think fighters form all diff weight classes consider the Champ the guy who has the REAL belt, and until someone beats him, he will ALWAYS be the champ, unless he retires. But stripping someone of the belt b/c of injury, is complete BS.

    FYI: Don't get me wrong, would I love to see him back, to see who the true champ is?!? Of course, but the guy shoulndt be punished b/c of "bad luck"! I'm pretty sure he feels like ****, being out this long & not being able to do what he loves most ….. fight!