Update: Kevin Lee Misses Weight On First Attempt


In a sad twist of events that has already plagued the UFC during their down year of 2017, Kevin Lee has missed weight for his interim lightweight title fight in the main event of tomorrow’s (Sat., October 7, 2017) UFC 216 from Las Vegas.

After a drama-filled two hours of early weigh-ins, Lee finally showed up to step onto the scale at the extreme last minute, looking extremely dehydrated as he used a towel to weigh in at 156 pounds, one pound over the lightweight championship limit of 155 pounds.

Lee will have one hour to lose the additional pound according to NSAC executive director Bob Bennett:

“According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission rules, any fighter has one hour to lose up to two pounds if the doctor okays it. We do that with the undercard as well. So according to our regs, he has one hour to lose up to two pounds.”

Bennett re-emerged o inform the media present that doctors had okayedLee to cut no more than the one pound needed (obviously), so the fight could still happen, although it would most likely involve an extremely drawn and depleted Lee.

Stay tuned for updates on the UFC’s latest weight-cutting issues.

  • E Crash

    He’ll do it. GO BARF, JERK OFF and BARF MORE BRO! We can’t lose this fight!!! OH and withdrawal as much blood as humanly possible! Urinate, take off hair. WHATEVER YOU GOTTA DO BRUH.. .

    • Michael Brown

      It’s just that these guys let it get to this point.

      • E Crash

        Let what go.

    • HeteroFriendly

      How about we sever his head with a broken bottle?
      That should shed about 15 pounds of useless flesh.

      • E Crash

        You’re telling me… Stop projecting, loser.

  • Bill Wolf

    Enjoy that weight cut, buddy.

    • E Crash

      Ok, buddy. Buddy. He did, buddy, and lost, buddy. Bye buddy.