The Ultimate Fighter 19: Edgar vs. Penn Cast List Revealed


The upcoming season of the UFC reality show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ is coached by two former UFC lightweight champions, and rivals BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar. Debuting on April 16 on Fox Sports, TUF 19 will feature 16 light-heavyweight and 16 middleweight competitors.

The official cast list has been revealed, but only includes 31 of the 32 fighters that were originally slated to take part in the show. Speculations? Most probably an alien abduction of some sort. The list is as follows:

Corey Anderson (3-0), 24, Lincoln, Ill.
Cathal Pendred (13-2), 26, Dublin, Ireland
Kelly Anundson (6-1), 29, Deerfield Beach, Fla.
John Poppie (3-1), 24, Ettrick, Wis.
Anton Berzin (3-1), 24, Philadelphia, Pa.
Doug Sparks (7-2), 31, Bloomington, Ind.
Josh Clark (7-2), 29, Richmond, Ky.
Daniel Spohn (8-3), 29, Columbus, Ohio
Chris Fields (8-4), 30, Dublin, Ireland
Joshua Stansbury (4-2), 29, East Liverpool, Ohio
Matthew Gabel (8-3), 28, Le Mars, Iowa
Ian Stephens (4-0), 25, Ringgold, Ga.
Lyman Good (15-3), 28, New York, N.Y.
Adam Stroup (5-1), 27, Denver, Colo.
Eddie Gordon (6-1), 29, Uniondale, N.Y.
Nordine Taleb (8-2), 32, Montreal, Canada
Jacob Heun (6-3), 26, Coconut Creek, Fla.
Hector Urbina (16-8), 26, Coconut Creek, Fla.
Mike King (5-0), 30, Naples, Fla.
Matt Van Buren (6-2), 27, Chula Vista, Calif.
Tyler King (7-1), 33, North Attleboro, Mass.
Bojan Velickovic (8-2), 33, Delray Beach, Fla.
Dhiego Lima (8-1), 33, Sugar Hill, Ga.
Daniel Vizcaya (7-2), 28, Aurora, Ill.
Adrian Miles (14-5), 30, Biloxi, Miss.
Patrick Walsh (4-1), 25, Stoughton, Mass.
Tyler Minton (5-1), 26, Johnson City, Tenn.
Tim Williams (8-1), 27, Millville, N.J.
Todd Monaghan (8-2), 31, Clinton, Iowa
Roger Zapata (5-1), 27, New York, N.Y.
Cody Mumma (5-1), 30, Henderson, Colo.

  • Welcome back BJ Penn!! Love it!!!!

  • 1 canadian, 2 irish and 28 americans?? weird.

    • D

      Well they do shows for the Brazilian fighters in Brazil, and they just did a show for Australia and Canada…so it's more predictable than weird.

    • How in the fuck is that weird? It just like most other American seasons.

      • Population of ireland is 4.5million people… there are 200 odd countries in the world… the cast is made up of just 3 countries. Nobody from the UK? No russians? Nobody from continental Europe? Asia? Africa? South America? All contestants from 1 continent plus one tiny country. Definitely weird Space Jam. Hope this clears it up for you.

        • That's what the international season's are for. When has there ever been a TUF where theres a Brazilian, a Mexican, a Australian, a Norwegian, a Swede, a German, a Iranian, a Romanian, a Italian…etc. Why would they do that? I agree it would be better if they did that and had multiple countries representing but the way the show has been for the last 8 odd years it's not weird it just how its been.

          • i understand that the vast majority of the fighters are usually from the US and that Canada is under represented here due to the Canada V Australia season… The weirdness that i refer to is that the only other country represented is a tiny country of four million people which hasn't traditionally produced many MMA fighters… Conor McGregor is the first one of note and he still has much to prove… That was my point. If it was 2 guys from the UK or Russia or somewhere we are used to seeing fighters come from it wouldn't have surprised me so much. MMA scene is obviously blowing up in Ireland right now… Thats all…

  • Lyman Good and Pendred are going to be in the Ufc almost for sure.