UFN 31 Fox Sports Prelims Results And Recap


Ultimate Fight Night 31 moves on to the Fox Sports 1 section of the prelims now, and first on the card is a Women’s Bantamweight scrap between Germaine de Randamie and Amanda Nunes.  They come out cautiously, Nunes wings a kick, GDR looks very focused. Nunes shoots but GDR defends, Nunes drives through and GDR is on her back. Nunes straight to mount against the fence and she fires elbows down, GDR could be in trouble here.

More nasty elbows and punches, twenty or more unanswered elbows and the ref stops it. Amanda Nunes takes a first round TKO win. Next up on the card is a Featherweight tilt between Dennis Bermudez and Steven Siler, and this one could be good.

Bermudez opens firing jabs then scores a double leg, now he is in half guard throwing elbows. Siler stands up and they clinch, that’s a low blow from DB that halts the action. Thy restart and Bermudez is moving well with a peekaboo style. They scramble and Siler locks up a triangle, Bermudez picks him up and slams him hard. What a war! DB with big elbows and another slam.

Bermudez has a guillotine choke locked in now, but Siler escapes and now he is on top. DB defends well and they stand again. Bermudez with one more slam and the round ends, 10-9 Bermudez.

Round two is a go and Bermudez with a superman punch-kick and he slips, they scramble and trade punches. Siler unable to get range with his jab and Bermudez tosses him to the mat. Bermudez gets reversed and now Siler pins him to the fence but DB now with a leaping takedown. Siler is getting controlled here, as Bermudez grinds his face.

DB slips to half guard and looks for a choke, he has Siler’s head locked up in a sort of half front lock. Now to side control before SS stands again. The buzzer goes and it has to be scored a 10-9 for Bermudez. Siler needs a finish if he wants a win here.

Round three now and Bermudez tags Siler with a huge right hand, he recovers after a scramble but still can’t find a home for that jab. More big shots from DB but SS answers in kind, this is a great fight. Bermudez is a powerful dude and Siler is looking the more tired here. Siler is wobbled but still lands straight punches until DB lands a takedown. That could win the round and seal the win for DB.

He controls Siler and locks in a tight choke, but Siler is very hard to submit, now huge punches from both guys and Bermudez fires a rocket of a right hand on the buzzer. Thoroughly entertaining fight, and Bermudez is awarded the unanimous decision.

George Roop and Francisco Rivera are looking to TCOB at Bantamweight now, and I pick Rivera by KO ahead of their bout. Roop with kicks but he gets countered each time with a big uppercut, and now FR clinches. Roop shoots and scores a takedown, and now has Rivera pinned. Roop is smothering his foe, looking for a back mount but FR defends.

Rivera stands up now but Roop wants none of it and is relentless with the clinch, the ref separates them and they trade hard; Roop with jabs and knees and FR with punches that would kill a horse/man mutant creature. Round ends very close.

Round two starts and Roop is landing with jabs and kicks, Rivera looking a bit tired here. He is still swinging very hard tough, until he eats a gnarly kick to the ballbag. They restart and trade jabs, Roop eats a big right and Rivera is swarming him. He follows him to the mat with huge punches but Roop is up. No he is down again but FR is battering him, Roop stands but he is waving like a noodle in a wind tunnel, big punches on the mat and it is over. Rivera with a punishing second round TKO.

Lastly on the Fox Sports prelims is a Lightweight clash between Bobby Green and James Krause, Krause is unbeaten in eight while Green is riding a five fight streak. My money is on Krause to take the win. They open trading kicks and Krause blocks a front kick with his testicular sack, they restart Gren with some solid head shots. They scramble and Krause catches a kick then lands straight punches.

A flying knee now by Krause and a jab, now an overhand right by Krause. Pawing jabs and right hands from Krause, who has excellent head movement. Green is still there; he lands good body shots, and boom! Krause nails Green’s foot with his balls, no wait it’s a low blow by Green. Point deduction by Big John and rightly so.

Green now sensing he has found Krause’s weakness fires a kick to the balls, but it looks like it hit the stomach. Krause goes down. Big John waves it off and Krause looks almost lifeless. He’s up eventually and they shake hands, then there is a strange dancing/waving ritual by both men. I have no idea what is going on right now, but the decision should be up soon. Looks like Green is the winner by TKO, but that was an extremely bizarre fight. You know what, looking at the replay, that was a ball kick.


Amanda Nunes def. Germaine de Randamie by TKO (elbows) round one

Dennis Bermudez def. Steven Siler by unanimous decision

Francisco Rivera def. George Roop by TKO (punches) round two

Bobby Green def. James Krause by family jewels punt TKO (kick) round one