UFN 31 Early Prelims Results Recap And Replay


Ultimate Fight Night 31: Fight For The Troops 3 is underway from Kentucky, and the first bout on the Facebook prelims was a Middleweight tilt between Brian Houston and Derek Brunson. After rocking Houston with a big head kick early, Brunson swarmed and sunk in a tight rear naked choke. Superb 48 second victory for Brunson.

Neil Magny and Seth Baczynski are up now, in a 170lb. affair. The two fought a gritty first round with a lot of clinching, SB may have stolen the round late on as he took mount and landed some ground strikes.

Second round starts and SB is stalking Magny with kicks, grinding him against the cage. Seth lands some hard shots and catches Magny clean, and the clinch is in play again. This is a hard fight, Magny turns it up now and lands some hard knees but SB takes it. Another big takedown by Baczynski at the end of the round and it’s two rounds for him now.

Round three is much the same; plenty of clinching with SB scoring another takedown. Magny doesn’t have much of an answer from his back as Seth controls him. They stand and now its Magny with a big slam, and another! Seth is rocked by punches as he stands up and now he shoots for a takedown, Magny turns it up and wins round three. SB is busted up, but earns the UD victory.

63 fight veteran Yves Edwards is due to face Yancy Medeiros now, in a Lightweight bout. These two scrappy 155ers came out swinging hard, good hooks by YM but Yves is a crafty fighter and he sneaks in some hard shots. Edwards lands some solid shots but Yancy can take a punch well. He responds by clipping Edwards with an uppercut/cross and he goes down, a few more shots on the mat and Medeiros scores a first round KO!

Lastly on the FB section is a 185lb. fight between Lorenz Larkin and Chris Camozzi and I like Larkin’s chances here. They exchanges high kicks early, Larkin is nimble on his feet and he lands with some good punches. Camozzi lands with some good punches of his own now, and a kick.

Camozzi is game in the exchanges, but Larkin has the edge in power. A huge left hand from Larkin has CC on queer street, he recovers well. The round ends as Camozzi wings a wild flying knee against the fence. 10-9 Larkin.

Round two is underway now and they exchange more kicks, and Larkin is looking for a left hook. A huge straight right from Larkin rocks CC’s head back, but he answers with tight elbows in the clinch. Camozzi is busted up and bleeding, Larkin landing well here. Nice jabs by Camozzi but Larkin is looking for a KO, CC clinches against the fence and grabs a breather.

Vicious standing elbows from Larkin and Camozzi soaks it up, now they trade like crazy. Huge kicks and punches from LL and a knee by CC. What a round! 10-9 Larkin but CC can take a hell of a shot. Round three kicks off and they trade more kicks to the legs, and LL goes high-low. Wild hooks now from Larkin, and CC with low kicks. They exchange jabs and Larkin rips a kick to the gut.

Camozzi’s face is a mess as LL continues to stalk him and wing head shots. Now they clinch and throw knees to the body,  LL lands some nasty elbows on the inside and Camozzi is getting ruined here. The buzzer ends and Larkin is surely the victor here, yes the judges see it the same way and Larkin takes home a UD win.

Check out the full replay of the early prelims below UFC.com

  • "A huge left hand from Larkin has CC on queer street, he recovers well. "
    LMAO I guess that was a hard shot since they started on Straight" street.

  • Video says it's private by the way…..I hate when that happens lol

  • Rivera was on FIRE man!! wow….