UFN 29 Prelims Recap: Brazil Is Host To Another Awesome Event


Brazil is renowned for it’s fighting roots, home of BJJ and many MMA elite Brazilians always put on a great show for the UFC. Tonight’s event Fight Night 29 Maia vs. Shields is no exception: the prelims are in the books and I thoroughly enjoyed reporting on them.

First off Alan Patrick and Garett Whiteley threw down at Lightweight in a battle of unbeaten prospects. The home favorite Patrick is built like a tank and he overpowers Whiteley with takedowns and clinch work early on. Patrick is clearly more athletic but Whiteley is a tough cookie.

After a savage ballbag kick halts the action, Patrick turns it up with a spinning capoeira kick to the dome. Whiteley can take a shot, and Patrick lands spinning elbows and front kicks. Damn this kid Patrick is mean, I wonder if he will gas at this pace. Whiteley is firing back though, landing some shots, but Patrick rocks Whiteley with a monstrous left hook and finishes with hammerfists on the ground. First round TKO for Patrick Wow, a great opening bout

Illarde Santos and Chris Cariaso are up next, representing the Flyweight class. Anyone else think that Jon Anik sounds like he is talking from inside a box? Maybe it’s just me then. Anyway, the Flyweights get off to a hyper start with Santos landing a big takedown. He lays down some pounding shots and winds up in a heelhook attempt, Cariaso escapes.

They stand and trade for a while and it’s clear that Santos has the heavier hands; he rocks Cariaso with uppercuts in the clinch. Another big takedown and Santos secures the round, in my opinion. Round two is underway and CC lands some solid kicks, but Santos pushes through them. Damn these guys are trading hooks like drunk fishermen, a knee to the bread basket by Santos and a big left hand.

CC lands and Santos is rocked by a straight left, CC swarms him on the ground but Santos is up firing away. Santos is busted up and bleeding but he still fights on, this is an incredible war. CC lands some heavy shots and Santos looked tired as the ref steps in to stop it. Slightly early stoppage but he was taking a lot of punishment to the nugget. Second round TKO for Cariaso.

Yan Cabral and David Mitchell go at it now in a Welterweight affair, Mitchell is a heavy underdog against the former TUF prospect. Cabral takes him down early and this guy is a BJJ whiz for sure. YC transitions perfectly from guard to mounted crucifix and to the back of a bewildered Mitchell. Cabral is relentless in his search for a submission, but Mitchell is hanging in there.

The second round starts instantly with a Cabral right hand that flattens Mitchell and he is dominating from side control. He transitions so smoothly from side to mount and back, this is a top level grappler. Now Mitchell attempts an omoplata but Cabral is wise to it and rolls out. Mitchell with rubber guard but Cabral slips to side control and to the back again. Mitchell looks pretty much done as the buzzer ends the round.

Mitchell looks a bit fresher in round three, grinding Cabral against the fence. It isn’t long before Cabral sinks a single leg and is just all over his foe. YC lands elbows from mount and is all over Mitchell like grease on a politician, the third ends with Cabral smothering Mitchell from side mount. A dominant performance over a very game foe in Mitchell, and Cabral takes the decision

.Last up on the prelims card is Ildemar Alcantara vs. Igor Araujo in the second 170lb. scrap of the night.

Araujo wants this fight on the mat and shoots for a takedown, Alcantara has good defence and lands some good knees. The crowd boos as they clinch up again and Alcantara spins and lands on top of his man. Araujo reverses in to a choke but Alcantara locks up a front choke after a scramble. Araujo is out of it and now lands in guard. End of the round and it was close.

Round two gets going and Araujo lands some hard punches to the head of Alcantara, who takes Araujo down for his efforts. Araujo locks in an omoplata, switches to a gogoplata and IA is quick to escape. They trade and Alcantara lands a spinning takedown but gets reversed. Another close round ends with Araujo in guard, swinging.

The third round starts and they both wing punches and kicks, Alcantara sprawls and brawls well. Another takedown by Araujo and Alcantara picks for a kimura lock. Heel hook attempt now but Araujo is a tough customer on the ground. Its all Araujo in this round as he controls the bookies favorite, but Alcantara is offensive from his back with his crafty guard. Tough fight to score, but I think that Araujo may have stolen it in his debut. The judges agree.


Yan Cabral def. David Mitchell via unanimous decision

Chris Cariaso def. Illarde Santos by TKO round 2

Alan Patrick def. Garett Whiteley by TKO round one

Igor Araujo def. Ildemar Alcantara by decision

I can’t wait for the main card.

  • Thats funny Rory, you and Mike threw up the same article/ recap at almost the same time. I think Mike's showed just before yours. Good to know you guys are looking out for us. 8))