UFC Ultimate Answers: The Best Finishers


In an entertaining video from Fuel TV, top UFC fighters weigh in on who they think can end a fight the best. Of course the obligatory names of Anderson Silva and Jon Jones are near the top, but there is a surprise or two as well.

Jose Aldo is also named, so let’s hope he can starting finishing UFC opponents with frequency in 2013. Is there anyone besides Anderson Silva that could be labeled the UFC’s top finisher? Let me know your vote.

  • It's funny. I would have said Johnny Hendricks… They interviewed him, but he didn't make the list.

    • gsp not in this? i though he was the most dominant at every aspect of mma? and can end his opponent at anytime he wishes (submission or KO)? im confused can someone please clear this up for me? thank you

      • GSP is the most best fighter in the history of the sport when it comes to dominating in every area. There has never been someone who can pick you apart on the feet and then take down world class wrestlers like he is doing a demonstration with his opponent volunteering and beating top fighter one after another.

        GSP is renowned for all those things I just stated but it is other fighters like Aldo and JDS who are renowned for stopping their opponents in spectacular fashion.

        • @keith

          if he is everything you say, why cant he finish?

          • Why couldn't Kareem score free throws? Why couldn't Gretzky body check?
            You're like the guy who saw Nolan Ryan pitch a two hitter and wonders why he threw so many pitches outside?
            I'm committed to answering your shallow, ridiculous, one dimensional complaints about GSP in as many different ways as possible.

          • ^ People who weak this don't know who Kareem, Gretzky, Nolan or GSP are.

          • @ crane

            LOL!!! Hilarious.

    • Joe Lauzon.

  • "I'm going to give it to Anderson or Myself!" What a dick! 1 more reason 2 hate him!
    PJ's comment was cool,cause at least he has joking. "Let me ask you this"

    • So you hate him for being honest and actually realistic? I bet before he said it you were thinking it.

      • Just not a fan of Jones cause he is fake ass hell

  • I mean he WAS joking! Sorry this damn phone lol

  • Can't see it in Canada -_-

  • GSP!

  • Tank Abbot

    • Tank "the gas tank" Abbot finishes himself….lol…thats definatly a best.

  • 1. Anderson Silva
    2. Aldo

    • Pretty damn good. Mine personally would be 1. Silva, 2. JDS, 3. Jones, 4. Condit, 5. Aldo

      But still all the same guys.

      • wrong again hoelover

        1. anderson silva (most finishes in ufc tittle fights)
        2.aldo (15 finishes)
        3. jones(14 finisghes)
        4. jds(13 finishes)
        5. carwin (who has ALL wins coming via submission or tko) (12 finishes)

        • Just some questions for supertroll:

          When's the last time Carwin finished somebody? How many finishes does Aldo have in his last 5 fights? What's a finisghes?


          • well carwin hasnt been active and the tittle is BEST FINISHERS.. not in the last 5 fights

          • and how many finishes does gsp have in HIS last 5 fights??? the answer is ZERO…..who is your #1 p4p

          • one more question for hoelover……..when was the last time gsp(carwin) finished a fight?…….oh thats right 2008

          • @onemoredumbass that's why he didn't include GSP in his top 5 finishers….. are you actually that confused about MMA?

          • i understand, gsp is not on anyones top 5 finishers, but evan's argument was that aldo is not p4p #2 because he has only 2 finishes out his last 5 fights

          • What does GSP have to do with any of this?

          • idk, who cares. im with you guys. i want gsp to finish. i guess im just a disgruntled gsp fan that was let down to many times.

            in the words of mike tyson " a good winner wins, a great fighter finishes"

          • *a good fighter wins, a great fighter finishes"

          • from the words of a true and utter genius, a man truly ahead of his time…. "tittle" quoted from the OMR Lowkick diaries.

          • Is there not a single thread on lowkick where you wont turn it into the same relentless absurdity about GSP onemoreround? When was the last time Silva faced someone taller than himself and of the same calibre as Condit? Oh thats right… NEVER.

          • I'm with you, EH, Carwin does not deserve to be on this list.

            Vitor Belfort would be on my top 7 list because he possesses what we all called 'killer instinct'.

          • @ug, its tittled BEST FINISHERS not BEST INSTICTS…….anyways how many fighters do you know with 100% victories coming via finish

          • Well, I didn't put Carwin in MY top 5 because I didn't think he belong in MY top 5, Onemoreround. You can add him to yours if you want.

      • aldo number 5?? wow you need to brush up on your jose aldo, in my opinion he is #2 p4p.

        • @onemoreround you admit GSP is ranked #3 P4P so why don't you have him in top 5?
          Just because they are a top P4P fighter doesn;t mean they are the greatest finishers (GSP, Edgar, Cruz)

    • @Underdog pretty much nailed who is in the list but not in the right order IMO.
      Aldo is a killer but I feel that his finishes, while great, have all come against lesser competition (except Mendes) while Jones and JDS have been dropping former UFC champs and top 10 fighters like a bad habit.

  • DG1

    dum dum

  • #1 Silva
    #2 JDS
    #3 Jones
    #4 Condit
    #5 Velasquez

    Honourable Mentions – Jose Aldo, Ronda Rousey, Nate Diaz, Vitor Belfort, Alistair Overeem, Johny Hendricks, Demian Maia, Donald Cerrone, Melvin Guillard.

    • I completely forgot about Melvin Guillard and Alistair Overeem.

      • Those guys are great too. My next 5 would be Cain, Struve, Cerrone, Weidman, and Vitor in no particular order.

  • Eventhough he had some lackluster performances in the past few years.. if you're talking about the best finishers… RAMPAGE should be in the mix PERIOD!

  • I wish someone would finish this fucking debate.

  • Anderson Silva. Debate ended.

  • From Brazil the best finishers are, Anderson silva (king) ….. Then there is Shogun Rua , Jose Aldo, Wanderlei & Dos Santos.
    From Mexico its Valasquez
    From US, Bones & Joe lauzon are great. Frank Mir, Rich Franklin, Brian Stann, Tiago Alves, Chuck Liddell, Matt Brown, Dan Hendo. Rampage.
    From Japan Takanori Gomi
    From Vietnam originally: Cung Lee

    All these guys have great finishes whether it be sub or KO. too many other guys I have missed.

    • Valasquez from Mexico thats funny!You should put Rampage from Africa since hes african american…

  • evan tanner…too soon? too late.

  • 1. Jon Jones
    2. Andersson Silva
    3. Cain Velasquez
    4. Junior Dos Santos
    5. Roy Nelson

    Q. Who would your top five finishers be from former UFC fighters?

  • If I could choose a fighter as a body guard it would be Cain Velasquez… He's the most brutal fighter I've ever seen. Who is your favorite most brutal finisher?

  • Fedor finished 27 fights which is pretty good going. I think Silva is probably the best given the variety of finishes he has performed and his timing is second to none for striking, but there are so many fighters who are great finishers but not necessarily great fighters.

  • Joe Lauzon is the best finisher in mma and he has only been mentioned once, 100# finishing rate with 22 wins and 22 finishes and 9 of them coming in the UFC

  • 100% I mean haha