UFC To Decide Frank Mir’s Fighting Future Later This Week


Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir picked up the dubious distinction of four straight losses when he was outstruck 139-5 by Alistair Overeem at last Saturday’s UFC 169 from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

To be fair, all four of Mir’s losses during the recent snide did come to former champions. Overeem was the former Strikeforce and DREAM heavyweight champ, and he also held the K-1 World Grand Prix title at the same time.

Add that to Mir’s previous defeats at the hands of former UFC champs Josh Barnett and Junior dos Santos and Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier, and the experienced veteran is undoubtedly on the worst stretch of his career.

A stretch so bad that many are calling for his retirement, release, or both.

While the initial reaction is that Mir is obviously done, it’s ultimately up to UFC president Dana White and his team. Speaking to MMA Mania at the UFC 169 post-fight presser, White detailed that he won’t be making an official decision on Mir’s fighting future until later this week:

“It’s not a decision we will make tonight. We will get together next week and we will figure out what we want to do. It wasn’t the fight I expected to see.”

That’s probably the best course of action; because the knee-jerk reaction would be to simply cut Mir after he’s mounted little to no offense against some of the best heavyweights the UFC has to offer.

But those were the best, after all.

Maybe Mir does have some exciting fights left in the tank; he’s just not ever going to be a title contender again. Continuously feeding him to the truly elite fighters is bad for business in that Mir has gotten destroyed and his opponents have gotten a name win that doesn’t really prove much.

After all, Overeem was viciously knocked out in his previous two bouts against Antonio Silva and Travis Browne (despite winning both early on), yet he made it look more than easy against Mir.

The bottom line is that the game has passed Mir by. He received another therapeutic use exemption (TUE) to use testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) for his fight with Overeem, but it’s clearly not making a difference. If he needs TRT to keep getting destroyed like that then it’s time to hang up the gloves.

There’s simply nothing left for Mir to accomplish. He’s a two-time champ who has fought a laundry list of accomplished MMA heavyweights. The only thing he can do now is tarnish his considerable legacy, and it looks like he’s already begun to do that.

We know that old habits die hard and Mir will likely fight on if given the chance. Whether he does or not is up to White, and we’ll find out if Mir will return later this week. Do you want to see him return to the Octagon, or have you see enough?

  • It's time for Mir to hang it up. He'd make an excellent coach or broadcaster I think. He needs to get out now before it's the unknown guys who are giving him these types of beatings.

    • The shape he was in, his walk out music, the look in his eyes. all says it time to retire. Not to mention the asz whooping he took to top it off.

      • and he wasnt smart enough calling Daniel Cormier out when he said " i would like to welcome him in the UFC" , then Josh Barnett coming back to the UFC and guess who is calling him out again!

        Mir should have kept his mouth shut when he lost to JDS and DC, the UFC would offered him an average heavy weight hoping to break the loosing streak he had.
        on the other side, Mir is very bad when it comes to the clinch, he has been destroyed by anyone clinching with him Lesnar, Carwin, DC, Nogueira, Barnett and Overeem, he didnt improve his clinch game at all since the loss to Lesnar. he needs to retire before he gets a brain trauma

  • As much as I hated Mir and especially in his interviews, when he commentated he was actually pretty good. I think I'm going to start a petition to have him take Kenny Florian's place. I can't stand Florian commentating. I don't think he should keep fighting. He's taken some serious beatings. He's looked so flat as of late. It's almost encouraging to see a fighter on TRT who didn't turn into superman because of it. Must be keeping it within ranges all around.

  • I agree I think commentating would be the best for him at this point. He isnt gonna win another championship belt in the UFC. If he wants another belt hes gonna have to pull a cheick kongo and get it at Bellator, but hes probably got a better chance at a steady pay check from the ufc just doing commenting.

  • Mir has looked absolutely awful in his past few outings. He seems to have no drive. It is one thing to be dominated by the best heavyweights in the world, but he had no urgency in the last few minutes of any of these fights to actually reach for victory. He really is just a punching bag at this point.

  • It has to be the love of money because it certainly cannot be the love of beatings….Franks old now and was fighting 30 years ago when TIM SIlvia was considered a champ.

    The truth is that Frank is great on the ground but by the time he gets there his head is usually a punching bag. I'd say hang it up and save yourself from being fed through a tube