UFC Terminates Thiago Silva’s Contract, Charges Reduced Despite Him Being Held Without Bond


A bizarre story unfolded when former UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva was jailed after a standoff with a Miami S.W.A.T. team following an incident where he allegedly threatened his estranged wife Thaysa at her Brazilian jiu-jitsu school, Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

Silva also allegedly began threatening Popovitch, who came out of the academy briefly before returning inside to call the police. Several officers went to Silva’s house to detain him, but were unable to until he surrendered without resistance after a four-hour standoff.

According to MMA Junkie, Silva was booked into Broward County, Florida, court where his initial charge of felony attempted murder was reduced to aggravated assault with a firearm. His initial combined bond for all his charges was set at a lofty $2,500,100, but presiding Judge John Hurley ultimately decided to hold Silva without bond, citing “legitimate concern” based on what “looks like ongoing domestic violence in the relationship.”

Judge Hurley also put it bluntly by saying:

“Court has no doubt you can kill any or all of these people without even using a gun.”

Silva and his wife Thaysa reportedly separated in 2012, but the court cited a recent incident on January 30th of this year where Thaysa Silva called police after Thiago allegedly held her down and put a gun in her mouth, threatening to kill her. She obtained a restraining order against the embattled fighter at that time.

Amidst the whirlwind of reports, news has come from the UFC regarding the situation. The promotion has released an official statement that simply reads:

“The Ultimate Fighting Championship has terminated the contract of Thiago Silva, effective immediately.”

Apparently, he won’t be back, either, as UFC president Dana White told TMZ:

“This guy will never fight in the UFC again.”

Not surprisingly, his days in the UFC are over. Silva was never the most rule abiding of all fighters after having a UFC 125 win over Brandon Vera overturned after it was found that Silva used a urine adulterant to mask the results of his post-fight drug test. He also had his UFC on Fuel TV 6 win over Stanislav Nedkov changed to a No Contest after failing the drug screen for marijuana.

But this incident takes the cake.

Silva will await his future in court, but his tenure with the world’s biggest mixed martial arts promotion is over. The violent and polarizing fighter had several chances to make a solid career in the UFC, but it appears he chose to go a different route.

More on the unfortunate situation as it unfolds.

  • Ivy

    If I could give him 2 pieces of advice it would be: 1. do not talk to the police, 2. get an attorney right away.

    • Ivy

      Who are the idiots who weaked me? Any one working in L.E. would know this to be accurate.

    • Advice nr 3: don't drop the soap

      • Advice nr4: keep ur mouth shut and ur ass to the wall

      • Lol @ Ringo… he can drop the soap whenever he feels like it. Only a man that doesn't value his life, would try to violate that scary dude….

        • Who said there will be one man? How about 5-6?
          Still risky though 😀

      • Best advice would be tell other prisoners that you use to be in the circus as a glass eater and now over the years the glass is now stuck in the lining of your anus and is now one giant cheese grater…..

    • Ivy, that's exceptionally sound advice; no matter the situation.

  • Then he strings some wins together and Dana says "want a job?"

    • Nah even if he strings some wins together he isn't going to ever be the most marketable and thats what matters to Dana. Wins dont, it's the money that comes with them. Paul Daley strung together plenty of wins and still isn't coming back.

  • Apparently his BJJ coach was seeing his wife. That sucks because I know a few people that would do worse than this in his scenario. I actually feel sorry for him and hope if it's true that the guy gets what he deserves.

  • I dont feel sorry for some psycho who thinks he can solve problems with a gun. The guy is a loose cannon. maybe he and Falcoa can have a special no rules psycho match.

    • I don't know how much you can take but someone taking your family or wife is about as tough as I can imagine handling. I am not saying what he did is right but if it was over a wife or something I could see anything happening. I believe guns can solve some problems like defense or protection. I know if someone tried to kidnap my kid I could kill.

      • Okay after the latest news I feel he is being crazy. Just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        • we have discussed our basic disagreement before falcon as you know i live in Canada and we have strict gun control unlike our neighbor and unlike the US our violent crime per capita is low. One main reason hand guns very restricted basically, just holding a gun is three years minimum. so lets call it cultural difference.

          • Thats cool man. I lived there for quite a while, have many good friends in Edmonton.

          • Cool big sky country -40c but its a dry cold lol my brothers lived there for a few years. I think Silva was experiencing roid rage which i have seen close up and is quite berserker like this might be in the police report and hence held w no bond. I feel sry for him he was talented.

  • Well, he's obviously a guy with some issues. The shame is that he's wasted what should have been a great career. Silva is like 'Pig-Pen', everywhere he goes there's a dark cloud of crap around him and he just can't seem to shake it.

    At the end of the day Silva is his own worst enemy.

    In terms of his release and on a legal point, Silva has been arrested and charged, not found guilty. I think what the brand should do in any instance where a fighter is arrested and charged, is suspend them, but not terminate.

    As to White and his comment, he always has to make everything personal and dramatic. The latest crisis is the worst crisis ever…and all that. He's so over the top sometimes as to be ridiculous. Remember when the UFC's systems got hacked and how it was an "act of terrorism" and how the DHS was going to get the "terrorists"…yeah, it wasn't terrorism and to the best of my knowledge the govt. guys failed to catch the hackers…sorry terrorists…that committed the crime…I mean terrorism.

    Again, he often speaks decisively on subjects and without having all the facts. And where DW might be an expert of the UFC, its business model and the fight promotion's business in general, that appears to be the extent of expertise. He's not a lawyer, forensic scientist, biologist, doctor and all-encompassing voodoo witch-doctor with an all-seeing-eye, that knows everything. He's just a guy with a million microphones in his face and when he's not talking about a fight, he's just another yahoo whose facts need to be checked.

    All White should have told TMZ is that Silva has been terminated and then leave it at that. As it is before the courts and they have no connection to the pending case, the UFC as his employer should announce the termination and that's it. White himself should actually have no comment. It should just be an official notice and that's it. He doesn't need to be proclaiming that Silva will never fight in the UFC, again. If he's not, which I'm sure he won't, then let the point be made by simply never hiring him again. White doesn't need to go out of his way to make the comment. And if he was to make a comment, then why not make one and to a legitimate MMA news source, rather than freaking TMZ. The show is a collage of dirt bag stories, as told by a bunch of douchebags whose only talent in life is to gossip about the lives of others. Yeah, that's some journalism.

  • I wonder what kind of clause the UFC has in contracts that they can cancel them anytime they want but the other party is completely roped in a la Randy Couture's disputes?