UFC Results Recap: Gustafsson makes his case for a title shot


UFC on Fox 5 is in the books and provided a great night of fights for the fans, even if there was not too many surprises on the main card. In the co-main event, Alexander Gustafsson showed that he is truly ready for a title shot with his unanimous decision over Mauricio Shogun Rua. Shogun, always game, came throwing his trademark bombs but never seemed to put Gustafsson in true danger. The taller Swede used an impressive aray of mixed takedowns to control Shogun, who did try some of his BJJ leglocks from the bottom. Overall, Gustafsson showed a truly well-rounded game and picked Rua apart to earn his much talked-about  title fight.
In other main card action, BJ Penn made his return to the Octagon in an unsuccessful effort. Rory MacDonald proved to be the better fighter on this night, peppering Penn with a great and diverse selection of strikes. Penn remained somewhat inactive for much of the fight, living up to his negative perception of a lazy fighter. At certain points, MacDonald appeared to mock Penn by shuffling his feet and lowering his hands. After his win, MacDonald challenged Carlos Condit to revenge match. Certainly something to immediately consider for the UFC Welterweight division.

Mike Swick looked to continue his winning ways after defeating DeMarques Johnson in his long-awaited return fight. Matt Brown, although in possession of a less-than-impressive record, is always a game fighter who comes to put it all on the line. After a first round that saw Brown attempting a close triangle, Swick escaped to the second round. However, the next stanza proved to be the end of the AKA product, as Brown felled him with a massive punch to take home the impressive win.

UFC on Fox 5 Full Results:

Main Card:

Ben Henderson defeated Nate Diaz by Unanimous Decision
Alexander Gustafsson defeated Mauricio Rua by Unanimous Decision
Rory MacDonald defeated B.J. Penn by Unanimous Decision
Matt Brown defeated Mike Swick by R2 KO (Punches)

Preliminary Card:

Yves Edwards defeated Jeremy Stephens by R1 TKO (Punches)
Raphael Assuncao defeated Mike Easton by Unanimous Decision
Ramsey Nijem defeated Joe Proctor by Unanimous Decision
Daron Cruickshank defeated Henry Martinez by R2 KO (Head Kick)
Abel Trujillo defeated Marcus Levesseur by R2 TKO (Knees to the body)
Dennis Siver defeated Nam Phan by Unanimous Decision
Scott Jorgensen defeated John Albert by R1 Submission (Rear naked Choke)

LowKick.com Awards:

Performance of the Night: It’s hard to not give the award to Lightweight champion Ben Henderson here, as he truly appeared to never be in any sense of the word danger here. He pounded surging challenger Nate Diaz with a diverse set of strikes to take home another successful title defense.

Finish of the Night: This one has to come from the prelims, as Abel Trujillo made his UFC debut with a bang. He finished off another wrestler in Marcus Levesseur with some absolutely vicious Muay Thai in addition to extreme takedown defense. This guy is absolutely a force to be reckoned with at 155, a division with a champion who appears to have no serious challengers to his belt right now.

Upset of the Night: It may have been a tough match to predict, but Mike Swick was no doubt a bigger name than Matt Brown. Instead, Swick got knocked out cold by a nasty punch from Brown, who improves his stock with an impressive performance.

  • no decision of the night?

    anyways gustafsson looked good……against an aging out of his prime shogun.
    let gustafsson fight phil davis or rashad

    • Yea because Gius will fight Davis again…

      • *Gus

      • @keithfarrell

        i understand gus is riding a 6 fight streak but against who(besides shogun)?
        hes not ready for jones

        • I never said he was but Phil Davis was a bad suggestion. WInner of Hendo.Machida could be good or there's rumours that Hendo might not be able to fight Lyoto yet so just step in for him.
          There's also a fight between Texiera and Page coming p

          • gm1

            Phil is a good match…Gus loss against him before…rematch to vindicate himself…besides if Gus cant beat Phil, then we all know he pretty much was fighting nobody worth contention.

            Overall, Gus did not look very impressive last night. Both him and Shogun are crappy wrestlers and couldnt takedown my grandmother. That is the difference between JJ and these two. Not to mention Gus is going to give up a 7inch + reach disadvantage to JJ. We all know very well that JJ will exploit that from the get go…..Gus has little to no chance against JJ.

          • Dos you guys not know that one of Gustaffson's main training partner is Phil Davis? It's not exactly kept secret.

            Shogun and Gus are actually both decent wrestlers… especially Gus.

          • Yeah, a whole lot of stupid in these comments. Especially Shogun and Gus not having good takedowns. They both have some really good, tricky takedowns.

            Gus deserves the shot now, but he likely will fight Machida. And when he wins that fight, there'd be no doubt he's top contender.

  • Gus looked great and proved he can take it like a beast! Shogun was landing clean and heavy shots on Gus and he took them all in his stride.
    This performance was much better than the Silva one, it may not have been a complete domination but proved he can stand with the division's best strikers, go hard for a full fight and go through a war and adversity, to bring home the iwn

    • gm1

      When was the last time Shogun knocked someone out? thats right..he doesnt knock people out…I personally dont think he has the power…other than Machida but both of them stood toe to toe exchanging punches. MMA top level is past the brawler era…..

      • Shogun has 21 wins, 18 via KO.

        Including his last fight, the fight before that and so on. Except from Brandon Vera, every opponent he has KO'd was a former UFC world champion and two of them are hall of famers.

        Your either trolling or clearly making things up, you remind me of the people who think Shogun is mainly a submission fighter because that's what he does on the xbox games.

  • Rory MacDonald…. for lack of a better or less used phrase, is a serial killer for all intent and purpose.
    I'm a BJ fanboy but I think Rory at this point is a different animal and is too much for Baby Jay in the twilight of his career.
    BJ was as wrong as you can be with his comments on Rory's technique… it's there and in abundance and Penn will probbaly feel that technique through his broken ribs for a few weeks or months.
    What got me more than anything was the snap on his headkicks, he just attacks with such precision and violence.
    After Rory calling out Condit that will probably be his next fight but apart form that he needs to get some good elite experience in against guys like Ellenberger, FItch, Maia, Kos, Kampmann and Diaz seeing as he won't try to dethrone GSP……… (yet)

  • Sorry I know this is a triple shot but what the hell was BJ doing for all those months? Specifically trying to decrease his cardio level?
    As I confessed above I am a BJ Penn superfan but it is just embarrassing and pretty insulting that BJ gassed about 1/2 a round in… he may have the worst cardio in the whole of the UFC and at the same time he is claiming he's ready to go on another run and cement is legacy?
    I don't know if BJ has just lost his athleticism, has terrible trainers or what but it is not working and hasn't been for a long time.

    BJ is an all time great and legend but he has wrecked his legacy with this stretch or embarrassing fights down to what seems to be nothing more than laziness.
    Such a waste of pure talent is so frustrating.

    • I think BJ looked gassed because of the shots Rory was landing, especially all the body shots. Those take a lot out of your gas tank. Bottom line, BJ failed to evolve as a fighter, he continues to rely solely on his hands against opponents who employ a diverse array of strikes. That's a large part of the reason why he lost to Rory and also a big reason why he got so majorly dominated by Frankie in their second fight.

    • BJ has never really had a great gas tank. Its getting worse with age.

      • @Stiks at 155 during his tite reign he did have good cardio, he went destroyed Sanchez for 4+1/2 rounds without looking tired and even against Edgar he didn't look tired just couldn't match Frankie.
        It's been this return to WW, where he obviously doesn;t train as hard because he doesn't cut weight and therefore won't put in the extra miles he would normally need to.

        • He's done some great things but has also squandered a lot of potential. He's 10:8:1 since coming back and taking the WW belt from Hughes. Compare that to Sonnen's 7:3 record since coming to the UFC with two of those losses to Silva as a comparison (you know what most people think of Sonnen's record). With a record like Penn's he has to retire.

          • @Michael but Sonnen wasn't just fighting top guys, he had some easy fights (for him), no disrespect intended, like Dan Miller and brian Stann. Penn has been fighting non stop beasts and a lot of the time guys MUCH bigger and all of his losses in the last few years were to guys in top 20 P4P… can't say that for Sonnen

    • gm1

      BJ is finished…..

  • Gustafsson seems to be the last name being thrown around by Jones haters to say he can take the title so lets see them fight. Im curious to see who the next guy will be…

    • Bones Jones is one of my favourite fighters but I think Gus has a legit chance against him

  • I think its time for BJ to Retire….GSP smashed BJ, Nick Diaz smashed him, Rory Mc Donald Smashed him.

    Every time BJ returns its like the boy who cried wolf. Claiming he is so motivated, never been in better shape..

    • to be fair all three of those are welterweights… hes a LIGHTWEIGHT he needs to move down idk why he thinks he can fight ww.

      • @JrHill…..whereever Bj fights there will be en excuse, diet, training partners, lack of motivation….BJ has the weakest mindset of all the UFC roster…I hope he never gets put in the hall of famers….That will be a joke…He has brought more dissapointment than excitement in his time at UFC..He gasses and gives up…Comapre the heart of frankie edgar to BJ penn…no comparism

  • gm1

    Anyone in the LHW class has a legit chance to beat anyone…..but give me a break….
    Gus has no areas of the Game where he is dominate against JJ….

  • Got to give it to my man downtown matt brown…looked very good against the swick