UFC Primetime: Rousey vs Carmouche Episode II


As the fight nears and the hours go by, inching us closer and closer to a historical UFC event, Zuffa continues to do what it does best and hype the absolute hell out of their next big fight.

This weeks episode goes in depth regarding Ronda’s experience and accomplishments in the world of Judo, her Olympic success and the influence of her mother. Womens boxing phenom Lucija Rijker makes a guest appearance as she helps Ronda vastly improve her boxing skills and chimes in with nothing but good things to say regarding the champion.

The episode also explores Carmouche’s 5 years in the marine corps, how it’s shaped her life and the day to day difficulties she must face for being an openly gay woman and fighter.

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    • Just because you're on the internet, doesn't give you the right to conduct yourself like a classless douchebag.

      Not having to be responsible for your words and actions seems to give you a little too much courage.

      Carmouche would destroy you, and I'd pay to see it.

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      • @ Bryan

        You should go read what RipStick has been posting, if you want to read the really offensive crap on this site.

      • PS – Leave Entity alone. 🙂

        • It's ok MMA Truth. Things are messed up now days. Gays cant talk about their gayness all day and everywhere they go, but if you show indifference, others try to crucify you. It's a nasty double standard I dont tolerate and will gladly step up and speak my mind as well. I dont go around telling everyone I talk to, that I'm heterosexual. I dont feel inferior and feel the need to do that. Don't share personal details about yourself if you dont want someone to have an opinion. That is all. Bryan can still STFU.

          • Zip

            I must say, very good point 🙂

          • @bryan the gay dude: yeah leave entity alone, its 1 against 3, your outnumbered, but it only takes one of us to take you, so shut up and drive.

          • I don't think Bryan, said anything else, Baby Tits.
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          • In the words of the late, great, Rodney King….

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          • @ Entity

            Would anybody be offended if I said you were both right?

            If you read Bryan's comments, he's not really taking offense with your position, as much as the manner in which you chose to state it. Perhaps more policy than rant, next time.

            Odd, what I took offense to / bothered me about the piece of Carmouche was the heavy handed way they worked in her military service and the shots of Marines training "hand-to-hand" fighting. It's as if The UFC is used as a recruiting tool for young, jobless and hopeless types, who might have an interest in The UFC and somehow make the "logical" connection that fighting in foreign wars of occupation, is somehow related to the honor of Martial Arts. When all it really was / is was a crappy paycheck and a way out.

            And yeah, all the politically correct gay stuff / agenda does get a little long-in-the-tooth and doesn't the gay pride parade in my hometown drive me up the wall every year, but in this instance, the show is / was trying to give the view an insight into the fighter's life, subsequently it becomes / became both relevant and unavoidable.

            Not that there's anything wrong with that… 🙂

            It's also something that we are accustomed to seeing in previous episodes of the show, regarding heterosexual fighters and their wives and girlfriends.

            Not that there's anything wrong with that, either. 🙂

            Concluding…we need more TV shows featuring Frank Mir's wife. 🙂

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  • I couldn't agree with you more Bryan, and would pay to see that as well. It is ignorant douches like this idiot that make all decent people shake their heads in disbelief. I wish both these ladies to put on a great show, and come out of it safe, and ready to scrap again

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          • I know you were. Referring to a man as a lesbian makes perfect sense. I like women, I found that funny. You'll have to try much harder to cut my skin. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, you're no different. But for someone to attack me for not seeing things the same as a homosexual, and having the need to publically discuss it in every video is bias as well.
            Have a great day.

          • I do? I didn't realize I had this need. Thanks.

          • Never mind I get what you're saying.

      • Just pointing out the irony in defending Cyborg the other day because "shes a nice person" and then following it up with this =p

        • By the way Spyridon, Cyborg isnt blabbering that she is a lesbian everytime she talks on camera, she's never said anything about her sexuality. You guys were just bashing her for sake of it.

          • Not for the sake of it…

            Half because I just like to joke around (same as you do on here), other half because she lost respect after the roid situation so I'll take a few extra opportunities.

            Mostly because I find it contradictory that she made 140 on roids and claims she cant make 135 if she's off them. I don't see a reason to believe that.


    • After the whole conversation from above I laughed at this comment pretty hard.

  • Not a fan at all of Dr. Ann. Not a fan of Ronda. Carmouche has my respect as a former marine, and being a tough person. She just has no shot as she doesn't have much striking power and she's much smaller.

    This is definitely a skipper.

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      What have you accomplished in your life??

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