UFC Code Of Conduct- A Step Too Far?


Once upon a time, if you wanted to become a fighter, all you needed was the willingness and skill set to train hard in a gym and climb your way up through the ranks under a good trainer. If you were able to trash talk and promote a fight then that was simply an added bonus.

One of the greatest trash talkers in the business of boxing was Muhammad Ali. Nothing was off limits for Ali who would use his charisma, good looks, and lightning fast taunts to break down his opponents, even if it involved crossing the line. You may recall Muhammad Ali calling the late Joe Frazier a ‘Gorilla’ while punching an action sized Gorilla. There were also the “Uncle Tom” jibes and references to fighters having low IQ.

Then there was Mike Tyson, who infamously told reporters in a delusional rant “I want to rip out his heart and feed it to him. I want to kill people. I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children”. Add a conviction for rape and an ear biting incident and you had a very deranged individual competing at the highest level.  Despite Dana White’s close friendship and admiration for Mike Tyson, it was many of the unpleasantries in boxing that led Dana to take the good from boxing and leave the bad behind when creating the product and brand known as the UFC.

Dana has always been a huge boxing fan but realised that sophisticated systems and regulations would need to be implemented if they had any hope of making the UFC a dominant global sporting event some day. The UFC is estimated to be valued at over 2 billion dollars and Dana White has stated that during the UFC’s rise one of his proudest moments has been the FOX Deal, aligning the sport on a major network alongside other major sporting events.

With a 2 billion dollar company at stake, along with major network alliances, investors and sponsors, it’s not surprising that the UFC management have very strict policies and guidelines in relation to fighter conduct.  Last week, one of the UFC’s most recognisable personalities Nate Diaz breached UFC policy by publicly criticising Bryan Caraway on twitter, using what the UFC described as derogatory language. In response, the UFC quickly handed down a $20,000 fine and a 90 day suspension. 

To some fight fans, the penalty appeared to be extremely excessive and heavy handed, while for others the penalty was justified. If the UFC policy is all about respecting community standards, it makes you ask the question as to why Jon Jones was able to escape suspension or fine from the UFC for drink driving and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. Surely that is a graver crime than a twitter message.

You also have the Ultimate Fighter series, a house full of testosterone charged individuals were binge drinking, personal insults and vandalism are all on display, filmed and produced courtesy of the UFC. You soon start to realise that the suggestion of the UFC protecting community standards is far from consistent.

I personally don’t condone rude messages on twitter, however, considering the constant use of profanities used by Dana White in the media and the format of The Ultimate Fighter series, it’s difficult to comprehend how Nate’s comments suddenly became so offensive when they were directed at a heterosexual individual.  You should also consider the consistency of UFC policy in relation to Joe Rogan’s podcast and his promotion of marijuana use and getting high. Surely this is not consistent with UFC policy. However, for Joe Rogan, nothing is off limits on his podcast, including broadcast perverted discussions on sex along with guests including Josh Barnett.

So here is your opportunity to light up the forum below and let us know how you feel about Nate’s fine and suspension by the UFC. Is this double standards at play?






  • 20,000 fine and 90 day suspension for calling caraway a fag is pretty harsh considering nate didnt actually intend it to discriminate against homosexuals and clearly knows hes with meisha tate. is him calling caraway a fAg really worse than calling him any other name considering hes straight

    • Kobe Bryant was fined 100k for calling someone a f4ggot and I don't think he was meaning homosexual.

      Sports professionals are paid to compete and act as a proffesional

      • then i disagree with the fine to kobe aswell, diaz gets fined for being "unprofessional" on a website and in the same organisation where vitor may get another title shot for taking something of the equivalent to a growth hormone (looking better in his 30's than he ever did in his 20's) and pat healy loses 80 percent of his purse for smoking a natural plant. no fighter will ever complain that they lost a fight due to the opponent being a stoner

      • So if you call somebody a Fag on twitter. Your boss should have the right to suspend you 90 days and fine you $20,000 then.

        ok… "sure."

        Outside of work on your own time. It's amazing the standards we will put on others. But completely change them once the tables are turned.

        • Twitter is part of work for UFC fighters. They are paid money to converse with people on twitter, and encouraged to promote themselves there.

          Its a big hypocritical to fine someone for its use when they encourage fighters to be there, but Nate could also just not participate there.

          He could also tweet anything in the world besides a derogatory term for gay people, and he'd probably not have been fined.

          • @Evan…..be funny if Dana releases a complete list of swear words that UFC fighters are allowed to use on twitter….
            We know that F*U*C*K gets the green light.

          • Yep, it'd definitely help his cause if he grew up a little bit and gave up the "I'm in the fukin fight business, I gotta act super bad *** all the time" attitude. There's the difference between cursing and hate words, but it really doesn't help that Dana acts like a teenager who just figured out the word F u c k half the time.

  • Dana will always pick and choose his fights. Do you think the same thing would happen for up and comers like Comier (knocking on a title shot with loads of hype), Conor Mcgregor (gateway to Ireland, loads of hype) or even Ronda Rousey? Don't think so.

    Typical capitalistic brain inside that balled head of his. One rule for one fighter and another rule for another fighter.

    Still, ufc wouldn't be where it is without him.

    • That's purely hypothetical as the three fighters named have not been involved in any controversies in the UFC and Dana has not given them preferential treatment yet.

      • I know its hypothetical. It was supposed to be a future hypothetical situation.
        I could name off incidents from previous years but it wouldn't make sense because of all the new sponsors, tv deals and all that crack.

    • Ivy

      Exactly. Favoritism. Case in point: Junie Browning from TUF. Any other fighter who broke the rules in that house that Dana didn't see as a ratings booster or possible PPV draw was kicked out for the exact same violations Junie Browning made. That is just one example, there are more. Dana is a major a hypocrite.

  • Thanks for this write-up enjoylife321, I think you brought up a great debate. I agree with what everyone has said… I think Matt and Nate said what they thought, and what they believe…. but used the wrong verbiage at the wrong time. They're just speaking their minds. TBH I think the UFC is trying to be super strict with sexually derogatory comments. But seriously, WTF? I think if the fighters just stayed off social media they'd be just fine because we know it'd just be bleeped out or accepted any how else right? They probably can't though because there's “X” amount of social communication in their contract agreements.

    I don't think Joe should be considered in the same conversation…. just because he does many things outside of the UFC, and the UFC needs him more than he needs them, oh and he's not a fighter. Dana is completely different though. He can't talk the way that he does and its just all good? Last TUF I was laughing so hard because anything he says is just BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP, whatever. That's always Dana. Of course he's not going to get fined. But HE'S the face of the UFC…. You could cut Nick and Matt and I'm pretty sure the UFC would go on just fine. But if they want to start throwing out fines and suspensions they should start from the top up, not bottom to top….

  • *top down, not bottom to top….


  • Ivy

    Dana White should be role-modeling how his fighters should conduct themselves in public, but he swears like a drunken sailor and lets all kinds of insults fly out of his mouth all the time. He's the Ultimate Hypocrite.

    • Dana swears, makes insults and is not always professional but he has never punished someone for any of those things!

      He will punish you for hate speech, breech of contract, vocal slurs related to race, ***, beliefs, sexuality etc.

  • Unfortunately these days someone gets offended by everything, whether it's deliberate or not. That's the problem with the world now, you can't say or do anything without being judged. This entire website is based on judging other's comments about MMA.

  • code of conduct my a-s-s… Dana was and has always been the example calling names and even called Fag a girl reporter that I dont even remember her name…. did you get any fine Dana? obviously not but you need to guide by example… this is ridiculous…

    • Loretta Hunt and years ago, he has made up for it since then.
      Making up for that he tries to stop his fighters from making the same insults.

  • sdfgsdfgsdfg

  • Two sides to look at it:

    It has gone too far if you want the sport to say like it is now, or even regress back to the levels of 2005-2006.

    It hasn't gone far enough if you want the sport to continue to grow to the levels of professional sports like basketball/football/baseball.

    • @Evan….Remember when Tito came out with his "Dana is my ***** t-shirt" That would have been around that time.

  • Where's Caraway's fine for assaulting a woman?

  • …"considering the constant use of profanities used by Dana White in the media and the format of The Ultimate Fighter series, it’s difficult to comprehend how Nate’s comments suddenly became so offensive "

    So true…So true.

    • @Truth…As much as I love what Dana has done for the sport…you've got to call it as you see it…

      • I've been saying the same thing for years and as much as I love him, his mouth could use its own filter.

        And I don't know how many times I've heard him use the word "B" word, but is that not a slur to women? It's all a load of BS.

  • TwA