UFC on FX 8: Vitor Belfort Post-Fight Interview


In an interview courtesy of Fuel TV, surging UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort appears after his earth-shaking knockout of Luke Rockhold last night. Belfort continues to make a strong case for an eventual rematch with Anderson Silva (or possibly Chris Weidman depending on his matchup with Silva July 6th). ‘The Phenom’ has arguably never looked better.

He thanked his team for making him a well-rounded fighter, and noted that he did 15-round training sessions to prepare for Rockhold. 


  • The funny thing is that most people have been going on and on about Vitor's TRT abuse and that he is such a Cheater. Not once any one noticed that Luke Rockhold took that heel on his jaw with HIS HANDS DOWN. How dumb was that?

    It's understandable that most American fans feel disappointed when an American fighter gets knocked out silly. but making excuses to support the loss of your fighter is just Lame. Vitor executed a spinning kick very early in the round and that kick was not supposed to land. That was just to measure the range and reaction of the opponent. Luke should have taken that as a warning because Vitor is capable of executing very serious damage with his high kicks. But no, He did not get the message and stayed in Vitor's range waiting for Christmas! What a Dumb Fcuk!Luke Rockhold deserved to loose this fight for being stupid and there is nothing more to it.

    On the use of TRT, I honestly do not think it gets much success to the fighters. I am not a Vitor fan and never was but I wouldn't want to pay too much attention to his TRT use or abuse. If he was indeed illegal, he wouldn't be fighting in the UFC and that's all that matters to me. I mean Cheal Sonnen was high on this substance against Silva in the first fight but couldn't do ****. I mean he couldn't even scratch Silva. Stephan Bonnar got brutally KO'ed in round 1. Badr Hari dismantled Overeem in Round 1. There is a very clear message here which you may wish to accept or ignore.

  • Well, I for one could not have been happier with Belfort's performance, last night. That was a thing of beauty. He seems to be getting better and his game is certainly more dynamic, now. Where it used to be all about the hand speed, it suddenly seems to be all about his kicks. I guess you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

    As much as I love Chris Weidman and will be rooting for him come July 6th, there's a big part of me that is salivating @ the thought of seeing Silva / Belfort 2. The way VB is performing right now, I couldn't imagine a better stand-up fight than those two warriors. They both bring it, they are both masters of what they do, they're both devastating finishers. Truly, a re-match between those two would be one of the best matches that Dana could put together for the fans.

    As to Luke, I thought he was doing fairly well, until he wasn't. That said, standing and trading with Belfort is a dangerous job for all @ 185. For his next bout there really aren't a lot of great choices, at least not in terms of fighters coming off of a loss. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Bisping / Rockhold, however, where it's an interesting match and helps out Luke, it really doesn't do much for Bisping's career. Still though, I think it would be an evenly matched fight and worth watching. I guess, he could also be paired up with Sonnen. That too, would be an interesting fight.

    I'll be interested to see where Luke ends up in the new rankings, when they come out.

  • If you think TRT does nothing then why the heck do you think they take it? If it was a meaningless enhancement nobody would do it for crying out loud. I am not American and one of the biggest Vitor fans until I found out what he was doing. I couldn't care less who it is once your on it your a cheater and a fraud and you taint the sport. Sure it was exciting to see a Vitor better than ever but the reason he needs TRT is because he's not better than ever.

    • Ok, you've made a good point and quite honestly my argument is not to support the use of TRT in sports. My problem is that why do we need to start moaning about the use of TRT or PED after the fight? My understanding of the fight is that Luke was too generous in offering his Jaw within a range that Vitor could knock him out. Obvious question here is that could Vitor execute that kick with out the use of TRT? Some say that only TRT can make a 36 years old male execute that spinning heel with that perfection. My argument is that it's only practice that can make a fighter land a spinning kick with that accuracy.
      Secondly, why is the UFC allowing the use if TRT in this sport? What is the acceptable limit? And why don't we discuss Cheal Sonnen when it comes to PED's in sports? I remember very clearly the discussion that happened after Chael Sonnen's second fight with Anderson Silva. Most fans couldn't stop ranting about that Knee to the face and the pulling of the shorts etc etc.

      Come on guys, get your s-h-i-t together!

      • It was talked about before this fight at length. It's being talked about more now, because Vitor is obviously in the best shape of his career. He's now stopped another top 10 fighter, and he does it while not being able to be licensed in the biggest fight town in the world.

        What you're still not comprehending is that nobody is saying that TRT caused him to kick Luke in the face. What is being said is TRT is responsible for everything he does in MMA now. TRT lets you train an incredible amount more. TRT lets you stay injury free. TRT helps with your conditioning. TRT helps with your confidence. TRT helps your motivation.

        Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen have been discussed, but is still licensed to fight in the United States because he wasn't caught using steroids earlier in his career (although its possible). Vitor was after being rumored to be on them since he was 17 years old.

      • I agree with you about Chael and I was all over that as well. If we leave it alone it will become less of an issue. If we want change we need to demand it and belittle the corruption. Vitor and Dan were on my favourite fighters list but I am trying to treat them like I do Chael.