UFC on FX 8 Results: Belfort KO’s Rockhold in stunning fashion


Well I can tell you one thing about tonight’s main event, if Nick Diaz was in attendence he probably wouldn’t have appreciated the spinning s**t that Vitor Belfort dished out on Luke Rockhold tonight.

With what was probably on of the most surprising and unexpected finishes of Belforts career and maybe in UFC history, Belfort landed a vicious spinning heel kick completely flush to the jaw of Luke Rockhold, putting him on his back and then finishing with powerful strikes for good measure.

The Phenom was humble in victory, stating he’ll leave the matchmaking up to Dana and the UFC. As far as the rest of the card goes, we had a great night of action that started in the prelims and made it’s way right through to the main card.

Jacare Souza made a solid UFC debut, showing little to no jitters of any kind by putting his opponent to sleep with an arm triangle choke in the first round. Respect to Camozzi for fighting on short notice, but the former Strikeforce champion and Jiu-Jitsu ace proved to be simply too much on the ground.

Rafael Dos Anjos on the other hand earned a controversial uNanimous decision victory against Evan Dunham. Kenny Florian and I’m sure many viewers at home gave Dunham 2 of the 3 rounds, but the judges saw it in favour Dos Anjos, although regardless of the outcome the fight was a very entertaining one, going back and forth on several occasions.

The Brazilian stars were shining brightly tonight, capturing a lopsided 11 victories out of a possible 13, but the star of tonights show wasn’t any of the fighters, it was the crowd.

Brazilian fighters mentioned on several occassions how inspiring the support was from the fans in their home country. The Brazilian fans proved again how loud and crazy they can get with more dancing, singing, and flag waving then ever.

The UFC proves yet again how deep it’s popularity goes by holding yet another successful event in a brand new city/arena outside of the US. As far as Belforts victory we’ll just have to see what Dana White has in mind in the Post-fight press conference.

Check out all the fight results below and let us know what you thought of tonights card in the comments below.

Main card
Vitor Belfort def. Luke Rockhold via first-round KO
Ronaldo Souza def. Chris Camozzi via submission (arm triangle)
Rafael Dos Anjos def. Evan Dunham via uNanimous decision
Rafael Natal def. Joao Zeferino via uNanimous decision


Nik Lentz def. Hacran Dias via uNanimous decision
Francisco Trinaldo def. Mike Rio via submission (arm triangle)
Gleison Tibau def. John Cholish via submission (guillotine)
Paulo Thiago def. Michel Prazeres via uNanimous decision
Yuri Alcantara def. Iliarde Santos via first-round TKO
Fabio Maldonado def. Roger Hollett via uNanimous decision
John Lineker def. Azamat Gashimov via second-round TKO
Jussier Formiga def. Chris Cariaso via uNanimous decision
Lucas Martins def. Jeremy Larsen via third-round KO

  • Oh and hilarious tweet of the night goes to Derek Brunson…

    "Brazilians would boo Jesus if he was going up against another Brazilian #UFConFX8"


  • Thanks god, for letting Vitor win.

  • Jacare is a Demi-God…Vitor is a Dixk, was just watching the post fight conference and he is so arrogant…cant give an answer without preaching some shiit and did not respond to any question about TRT….i have nothing against it but if he is so ashamed why is he doing it?? Fuxck Vitor!!

  • I like Vitor as a fighter, but whether he likes it or not, he definitely received his TRT premium membership card. I wonder if he and Chael are using the same dealer.

    • You are stupid. Don't talk about sh*t you don't understand. By your posts I can tell that is a fairly large gamut.

      • What doesn't he understand? It's pretty obvious that Vitor is on something that is enhancing his physique and performance.

        • @UG and BF,
          Guys please don't be dumb for a change. That spinning kick had nothing to do with TRT. It was executed beautifully in round one and it takes years of practice to deliver something like that.

          • Grandslam- They're not being dumb. They're speaking on something baseball fans have known for a decade now.

            Vitor Belfort is a cheater. Just as much as Barry Bonds, Big Mac, Manny Ramirez, and David Ortiz are cheaters. He was rumored to be on steroids for his whole career, and then he actually failed for them.

            The only thing now is, he gets to take them legally. He gets to shoot his body full of testosterone to curve the failure of his own system that likely came from years of filling it with any needle administered liquid he could find.

            You're right in a sense, the TRT didn't exactly cause that kick. However, it helps him train everyday. It helps him stay injury free. It helps him get over his career long issue of conditioning problems. It helps him improve as much in his 36th year on earth as much or more than he could in his 20's.

          • You make UG look like a brainiac. Play in traffic.

          • I'm not quite sure what your problem is with me at this point, Mr. DanaB, but Bryan, Evan, and I were pretty much just stating the obvious. Vitor has always been one of my favorite fighters, however I can't deny the fact that he has been using TRT for quite a while now, which, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed in MMA no matter the circumstances.

            Who are you by the way?

            @grandslam: As Evan so eloquently put, "You're right in a sense, the TRT didn't exactly cause that kick. However, it helps him train everyday. It helps him stay injury free. It helps him get over his career long issue of conditioning problems. It helps him improve as much in his 36th year on earth as much or more than he could in his 20's."

            Yes, Vitor is a very skilled fighter. That being said, he is also a cheater like Chael, Dan etc.

          • @grandslam…..Vitor is definetly skilled and a great fighter but could he land that kick without the level of energy, level of training leading up this fight. Thats a million dollar question noone can really answer. But the problem is that if he is getting an advantage in that area then that is potentially taking food off the table of Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold so you can imagine that these fighters would feel dirty. I think the issue is less about the kick, more about being in the competition due to TRT. People take cocaine to get a high and people take TRT to make them feel like superman again. Same kinda thing.

        • This subject is so tired. Yes, Vitors use of PEDs earlier in life may have led to or helped lead to a testosterone deficiency. His levels are normal now w TRT therapy; meaning at a normal level, as in on par w the average male fighter. That is why levels are tested and regulated. This is legal and obviously not cheating by any stretch.

          • It is cheating because you are completely ignorant to the facts.

            What am I referring to you ask? Well little did you know that Vitor doesn't currently have a license in US and didn't require one in Brazil.

            With that said, it's high likely and most probable that his levels were NOT "regulated" and monitored. Meaning he could shoot himself up to levels way beyond his opponents.

            A kick to the head definitely does win fights. Now take him off the severe amount of Testosterone that it looks like he's been using based on his recent physique and let's see how fast or aggressive that kick would have been without it.

            It's not the same. Testosterone helps everything, your cardio, density, speed, reflexes, it even makes your mind sharper. The benefits and advantages just aren't fair, especially if it isn't being regulated and if you're an older athlete who wouldn't be able to compete without it.

            But what do I know.

        • Please remember that skill doesn't have anything to do with TRT. Even Chael was on TRT but still defeated using skill 🙂

  • Holy cow.

    Jacare put Chris to sleep in about 2 seconds after the arm-triangle was locked in. Crazy.

    • I have noticed actually that in the last year or so guys have been falling unconscios early. I actually think these guys are acting now if they know they can't get out so that they look like men who would not tap. Notice when his arm goes limp his legs were still dancing around. I think fighters are trying to act like they won't tap by acting like they fell asleep. I've seen a few like that now and I'm on to them.

      • sharp dude

      • @falcon; plausible BUT if a choke is administered absolutely perfectly (very difficult and rare in real life) it takes four seconds to interrupt consciousness once blood flow to the brain in stopped. I didn't count last night but as long as it wasn't any quicker than that it could have been real. I'm really not sure what the legs mean though.

        • I know for sure it would be tempting to some to go out like a man wether it's legit or not. It may or may not be possible but I have only seen this phenomenon in the last year popping up in a few fights. I find it hard to believe that they go out and have motion in only their legs and then when released they are fully coherent within a second or two. There is pressure more than ever not to tap as it is a standard that others have set, so if you want to tap why not just go limp and let the ref make a man out of you.

          • Oh, absolutely. I am just playing devil's advocate.

  • TRT is cheating. Vitor is one guy I am not happy to be at odds with but I am. For guys that think there was no TRT in the kick they are in denial. Yes it took know how from years of experience but the velocity in which the kick can be delivered has been upgraded. The websites that sell TRT as a therapy list Strength, Endurance , Muscle Mass, Healing, and Speed as their benefits for taking TRT. They usually ask the question do you want to be and feel better than ever?

  • CHEATERS….boo hoo boo hoo. Bunch of fricken girls here now days.

    • I know thats why they need TRT to become men.

  • Everytime you think someone like Anderson or GSP have completely cleaned out their divisions and their is no one else left, guys that are possible contenders overnight become "that guy" who could possible take the crown….
    Hendricks, Ellenberger and Maia have done that at 170.
    Jacare and Vitor did it last night.

  • Vitor's KO is easily one of the top 5 finishes I have seen in MMA history, honestly breathtaking. TRT or not, his style is evolving and his stand-up is even more scary than when he was known for having some of the most dangerous hands in the entire sport.

    As always, I was super impressed by Jacare and my belief he will be the champ within 2 years is always getting stronger.
    Putting someone to sleep with 3 seconds is crazy, never seen a choke put someone out so quickly…. and that omoplata sweep.. just beautiful.

  • Belfort was great but bottom line is he will never beat Silva in stand up. On the other hand get Jacare a top 5 opponent immediately! That head/arm choke was effortless and SICK.

    Did he even break a sweat?