UFC on FX 8: Belfort vs Rockhold Staff Predictions


Mike Drahota: It doesn’t seem like anyone is giving Luke Rockhold much of a chance in this, but I think the tough AKA product can surprise more than a few people this weekend. We all know Vitor Belfort’s insane speed, power, and jiujitsu skills. Unfortunately, the only thing people seem to talk about when ‘The Phenom’ is brought up is his TRT use. Now, Rockhold hasn’t been finished since a TKO in 2007, his only loss. While Belfort will be by far his toughest test to date, I think he can use his reach and technical kicking game enough to outlast the fast-starting Belfort. It’s tough to see this one going the distance, but I’m going to go with Luke Rockhold via unanimous decision.

Rory Kernaghan: This is an easy prediction for me, Belfort is going to knock Rockhold out. I’m taking nothing away from Rockhold as a fighter, the kid has a lot of talent but I think that Belfort will just be far too much for him. Belfort’s speed and power will be the main factor, but also making your UFC debut in Brazil, against a Brazilian fighter, with the amount of big names on his record will work against him. Belfort just has faced consistently better fighters over a much longer career to be taken surprise by a newcomer like Rockhold. Belfort by KO in round 1.

Bryan Fontez: Bryan Fontez: Vitor is a beast and I know a lot of people will be choosing him to win by early KO. There’s no doubt that will be the popular pick and I don’t disagree with it at all, in fact it’s very possible. But every time I see Luke Rockhold fight I begin to realize how durable, conditioned and tough as hell this guy really is. I think Rockhold is the kind of guy that can take whatever Belfort can dish out, and if Belfort can’t put his lights out quick, then this is going to be an ugly one-sided beating by the last remaining Strikeforce middleweight champion, especially when you consider the fact that this is a 5 rounder. Anything can happen, but I predict Rockhold will defeat Belfort via TKO in the 4th round

  • I got Luke…. he's new school, he's TOUGH, he's got the reach and overall a more complete fighter. Vitor has the faster hands and "maybe" a strenght advantage. I'd also give an edge to Vitor on the ground but i think Luke is technical enough to shut Vitor's offense down and has enough cardio to push it to the 3rd round and TKO Vitor.

    • last time u didnt believe me, with nelson ko'in kongo in the 1st round!

    • and you were wrong…..again!

  • After Bisping fight I can't pick against Vitor anymore, but I want him to loose.

  • Luke wins after some early tough situations.

  • I'd give Vitor a slight advantage on the ground AND in striking, but a disadvantage in the stamina department. I don't see Rockhold getting Subbed, so it should be smooth sailing for Luke if he can get the fight into the later rounds. Although, that's a lot easier said than done.
    I'm picking Belfort by early TKO/KO.

  • Jockhold will wear him down and get the UD. Belfort's little comeback will be all said and done and he can join the ranks with Wandy as a once great…

  • Luke gets KO'd round 1.

    I think the game-plan for Rockhold should be to try and clinch with Belfort and put the fight up-against-the-cage. I think if he stands and attempts to trade with VB, this fight will probably look a great deal like Belfort / Franklin. Luke will be standing out of distance one moment and then Vitor will suddenly be a couple of inches closer and boom, lights out.

    I really want Belfort to win this fight. I think it sets up an interesting match regarding a title fight and the winner of Silva / Weidman. Silva / Belfort 2, in particular and as a big Chris Weidman fan, would be the silver lining in a Weidman loss to The Champ, should that happen.

    I'm really looking forward to this fight, tomorrow night.

  • I can pick this one…I'll just go the safe bet and say Dana white winner via PPV buys