UFC on FX 7 Weigh-In Video and Results: Bisping and Belfort face-to-face


UFC on FX 7 combatants stepped on the scales at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium, Sao Paulo, Brazil, as part of the official weigh-in procedure ahead of tomorrow’s fight card.

As expected, Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping engaged in another heated staredown, only that this time the Brazilian was standing at least four steps away from future opponent. Bisping demonstratively called for Belfort to step forward, as Joe Silva separated the two.

Tune in on Saturday for full main card results and analysis, and as always – don’t forget to submit your picks!

Full weigh-in results via MMAJunkie.com:


    Vitor Belfort (185) vs. Michael Bisping (186)
    C.B. Dollaway (186) vs. Daniel Sarafian (186)
    Gabriel Gonzaga (255) vs. Ben Rothwell (258)
    Khabib Nurmagomedov (155) vs. Thiago Tavares (155)


    Godofredo Castro (145) vs. Milton Vieira (146)
    Andrew Craig (185) vs. Ronny Markes (186)
    Nik Lentz (145) vs. Diego Nunes (145)
    Edson Barboza (154) vs. Lucas Martins (154)
    Yuri Alcantara (135) vs. Pedro Nobre (136)
    Ildemar Alcantara (201) vs. Wagner Prado (206)


    C.J. Keith (156) vs. Francisco Trinaldo (154.5)

  • ian

    rothwell looks to be in good shape, wasnt he like fat?

  • I love Vitor's Mohawk. Very Chuck Liddell. He looks in great shape, too.

  • People who know MMA laughed their asses off when they heard Bisping was going to fight Vitor, and the reason is because Bisping is not in the same class as Vitor, and certainly not Anderson either. Never will be. Its laughable really.

    Mikey boy bout ta' have a lie down he is, in for a little kip, a bit o' shut eye, yes…yes

    • People who "know MMA" have made him the favorite.

      • Wait and see

        • But actually Vitor has a very good chance of winning against Bisping and Bisping isn't in the same league as Anderson but who is?

          • Odds-makers have picked him as favorite. They calculate this based off of numbers and stats etc. Those who know and have followed MMA more than 5 min, know that Vitor is just a higher class of fighter than Bisping. Look at the calliber of opponents, look at number of finishes, look at who's held the belt FFS. Yeah, Bisping has fought a few guys in the same class as Vitor; Rashad, Hendo, Wandi…and lost. He also lost to Matt Hamill.

          • Where to begin:

            First off, odds-makers have usually followed MMA for more than 5 minutes. That's how they get the job as an odds-maker. Odds are put out at first off their educated opinion (then they go up or down with the money coming and going).

            Secondly, most of the long time writers like Luke Thomas, Jordan Breen, Mike Chiappeta, Tim Burke, Steven Marrocco, Jesse Holland, and many more that I don't feel like listing picked Bisping. They've done this because, eventhough Belfort is an incredible fighter, he fades down the stretch in fights (exemplified by the fact he has 0 wins in the UFC when a fight enters the second round). This feeds right into what Bisping does best (pressure, pressure, pressure).

            Lets look at the list of fighters both have beaten recently; Bisping since 2010 has beaten Brian Stann, Jason Miller, Jorge Rivera, Dan Miller, and Yoshihiro Akiyama. Same for Belfort since 2010 is Anthony Johnson and Akiyama. Before that Belfort has great wins. However, he's aslo got high profile losses to guys who fight a lot like Michael.

            As for other random thoughts; Vitor held the belt because a random fluke happened against Randy Couture when Vitor's glove sliced Couture's eyelid. Which was rectified a shortwhile later when Randy beat the living piss out of Belfort.

            Bisping has 4 losses. One emphatic KO to Henderson (who beat up Belfort). The other were 3 incredibly close decisions.

            Belfort has 10.

            Oh, lastly, if Bisping lost to Hamill (who destroyed Mark Munoz so he's obviously no that bad). Then Belfort lost to Herring.

          • Lol. I give you an A for effort on this novel. However, I think you need a girlfriend and a lobotomy.

          • No need for a GF with a fiance and a kid. She might cause some problems.

            As for the lobotomy part, I'll take logic over make believe "Real MMA fans".

          • Fair enough, my friend. I wish you the best in your quest to discover the difference.

          • Seriously tho, Vitor by murder.

          • My quest?

            I swear, I love this site. But we seriously have some of the most hard-headed, situationally unaware people in the entire MMA landscape.

            Vitor very well could win. It would not be a surprise whatsoever. The problem is, acting like he's an overwhelming favorite is so insanely stupid looking over his career it boggles the mind.

          • @ Evan

            I don't know about the hard-headed, situationally unaware, types on this site, for all I know I may well be one, but I'd definitely agree with the rest of it.

          • hahahah, all normal it seems.

          • LOL

          • @ Evan

            Very well argued.

    • Bisping is no slouch, hes been caught before, but other then that all of his losses have been very close to decent opponents. I'm picking Bisping to take it; although, I would love to see Belfort knock his melon into the 3rd row.

      • Bisping IS no slouch. I don't care for his personality but he has worked hard and improved dramatically. If this gets past the first round Bisping will pick Vitor apart over time and out cardio him. He's a serious threat.

        • @ Michael

          I feel you coming around on Bisping.

          Come over to the dark side, Michael. Come over. We're having bangers and mash, blood pudding and big pints of cold beer. It's not that bad. Really. I wouldn't lie to you, man. 🙂

          • @MMA Truth,

            De finns ingen "blood pudding" i Engelsk språk… Det är "black pudding".

            Hoppas också att Bisping ska vinner.

            Lycka Till,

          • blood pudding in your fins? …sounds fishy to me 8))

          • @Entity,


            As far as I know, only the Swedes call black pudding, blood pudding… so I spoke with Mr Truth in swedish… no reply however. 🙂

    • People who use this website have determined you are a moron.

    • Holober and 23 other idiots feel stupid.

  • Vitor lose to Bisping? in Brasil?? Get Serious.

  • transitionmma.blogspot.co.uk for UFC on FX 7 predictions

  • I was rooting for Vitor until I saw the Brazillian crowd and how they act, now Im rooting for the Count.