UFC on FX 7: Bisping vs. Belfort Staff Predictions


Anton Gurevich: I’ve always been a Vitor Belfort fan. But even with my feelings aside, I really can’t see Michael Bisping winning this fight. I believe Belfort has the perfect skillset to finish the Brit early. Yes, Bisping showed tons of improvement in his last few fights, but Belfort could definitely come across as the toughest challenge The Count has ever faced inside the Octagon. The biggest difference between those two fighters is the killer instinct Vitor Belfort is so well-known for, and the one that Michael Bisping still needs to acquire if he wants to beat the Top 5 fighters in the UFC Middleweight division. I just hope that this time I’ll pick the right guy to win. The Phenom via KO in Round 1.

Bryan Fontez: This fight is interesting. Both fighters have managed to stay at the top of their division despite age, injuries and new prospects. There’s no doubt Vitor can end this with one swing, but based on his previous history, he’ll have only 5mins to land it. If this goes passed the 1st round, I think it’ll end up being the Michael Bisping show. Overall this one is a coin toss for me. Bisping’s Cardio is as solid as Vitor’s hands. The deciding factor will be who shows up mentally and who fights the smarter fight. I just can’t help but feel that with a title shot looming so closely, Bisping is taking things more serious than ever. I’m going to go with Bisping to stay out of danger and fight a smart 5-round cardio war earning him a Unanimous Decision in the process.

Mike Drahota: Michael Bisping versus Vitor Belfort is an interesting fight in many ways. First off, it features two supremely talented strikers, although they are quite different. Belfort is known well for his speed and knockout power, while Bisping is more known for his point scoring brand of kickboxing. Belfort may possess the edge in submissions, but I doubt he can submit the crafty Bisping here. The Brit has much more at stake here, as he may find himself facing Anderson Silva with a win. Both fighters seem to be quite hungry heading into this bout, but I think Bisping may be more motivated by a slight margin. My heart says Belfort all the way, but my head seems to disagree. I see Bisping winning a workman-like decision, perhaps mixing in a few surprising takedowns with his strikes. 

  • Anton….picking the guy you want to lose might actually break the curse…..good strategy!

    • He he, you wish.

      • Sometimes, I like to write a comment, sign out, vote funny or sharp, then I sign back in and vote funny or sharp again.

    • i was so confident, vitor will win in the first round by KO, but antons pick makes me nervous!!!

      • Anton ruined it for JDS and now he is about to do the same for Vitor.

        • @anton

          "I just hope that this time I’ll pick the right guy to win"

          keep hoping

    • How did you post that comment? Uncle Chael says you don't have internet

  • Thank you Anton
    I'm betting the house on Bisping now

  • I see Bisping's cardio being the factor here.

  • Here's my fence sitting, can't lose view, of this fight.

    I will be pulling like hell for Vitor to win. If Bisping wins, great. I will pull like hell for him to beat Anderson. That is, of course, if Anderson is "available" in 2013 to defend his / The UFC's 185 belt. Something he really doesn't do that often. Not lately, at least. However, to be fair, until recently with the emergence of the sidelined Chris Weidman, the hope that was Belcher & Boetsch, the recent signing of Hector Lombard and now the possible crowning of Michael Bisping as the legitimate #1 contender, there has been precious little in the way of challenge to The Man. We all thought Sonnen would give him a good go in their re-match and it was a bust. I personally thought Okami was a legitimate threat, Silva crushed him. The division has been a joke to the man with the possible exception of some masters of the ground, but those fights only proved that if you can't get Anderson to the ground and you have no legitimate stand-up, it's going to be a very boring and one-sided fight. Should Michael win tonight, all of that might start changing. We might finally be on a path where The Division can put together a series of legitimate contenders and challengers, to face The Champ.

    For the record, however, should Belfort win there should be an immediate rally-for-Belfort / Silva 2 campaign on Twitter, begging the question, If not Vitor then who? If not soon, when? I only say this, because Dana has gone out of his way to say Bisping will get the shot, but not Belfort. To me, this makes no sense, if for no other reason than the first question I posed…if not Vitor, then who?

    To me, it's the one thing that will be a definite bonus should Michael win, Anderson will have to let us know when he plans on defending his belt, again. AS has stated that he didn't / doesn't want to climb back into The Octagon until the end of 2013. Not unless it's for a Super-Fight with GSP. Bisping will not sit around quietly waiting on Christmas. I just don't see it. And by that time Weidman will be healthy and ready to go. Which leaves open the ugly possibility of Dana putting off Bisping's shot, in-lieu-of a contender bout between Weidman and The Count, simply to please Anderson's schedule. If that happens, should Silva tell Dana that he won't fight Bisping until December, he should be stripped of the belt.

    Bringing things to-a-head in the 185 division would be one of the truly great benefits of a Bisping win, tonight. An issue I would like to see forced and resolved. Subsequently, even as much as I love Vitor, I will be tickled pink if Michael wins.

    For me, if Bisping wins tonight, Anderson should have to face him no later than May. If he can't or won't, then when Weidman is healthy or if Lombard beats Okami in March, which ever comes first, them Bisping should face one of them for the interim title and let Anderson worry about Burger King, Nike, his gyms, movie roles, GSP fantasy fights etc. and leave the defense of the 185 title to those who really want it and are willing to defend it 2 or three times a year and regardless of whether or not the opponent has enough Twitter followers or any other dubious fighting credentials.

    No matter the outcome of this fight tonight, I'll be happy. This is a can't lose scenario for the 185 Division. And if Bisping wins, I hope they do the fight in London. Give the man home-field advantage, too.

    • dont hate on anderson hes defended the belt ten times and hes nearly 38. plus hes signed a new ten fight deal with ufc so hes bound to take on bisping, lombard , vitor, weidman and maybe belcher if he can get back on track. the problem with the middleweight division is that silva has beat a lot of contenders there and upcoming title contenders like belcher and boetsch both lost to people who need a few more fights before earning a title shot. hopefully though this year we can see 2 or 3 clear title contenders who have earned a shot

      • @ Foetus

        I'm not hating on him. I respect the hell out of The Man. He's a Wizard. And I agree with all that you have stated, particularly the part about hoping seeing 2 or 3 title contenders and getting their shots. That's my only beef with Anderson. Too much time focusing on other things and not enough on defending his belt.

        Hope you enjoy the card, tonight.

    • @MMATruth…..do you believe Bisping has a realistic chance at Silva ? I can't see him being a threat. Its not that I think noone can beat Silva, i just don't think Bisping has the tools…Thats why i don't want to wait until end of 2013 for those guys to fight and then probably another 6 months for Silva to get into a tougher fight. Bispinng is top 5 no question, but I want to see Silva really get challenged against a young hungry bones while he is in his prime..It will be sad if we see an ageing slower Silva head into superfights if they wait too long.

      • @ Evan

        No. I don't believe that MB has a realistic shot at Silva. I posted, as such. In terms of AS being challenged by younger fighters, what path, other than the one I laid out, would you suggest?

        In terms of Bisping and the conclusions that I drew, I see them as sustainable. Should Michael win tonight, he give us, agree or disagree with his pedigree or toll box, is the best step forward in this division. At least in terms of forcing Anderson's hand. Defend the belt or don't defend the belt. His choice.

        Go Belfort.

    • @ All those that weaked me on this subject:

      Okay, now what?

      Rally for Silva / Belfort 2 On Twitter, Starts Tomorrow.

  • Dan Henderson, Sonne Cheal, Victor Belfort the former champ such experience loses to Silva Henderson and what Micheal Bisping could do better is questionable ….I said Victor pulls it off the win

    • So if Sonne and ViCtor wins..They fight Anderson Cooper? What IF allen Belfort wants to fight Kami Yushin? Or even Damian Majia!! All in all imagine if Chuck fought Liddell!!

    • You're stupid idiot leave me alone

  • Amazing that theres people who actually believe Bisping is close to Belforts level, even more amazing that people believe Bispibg can beat Vitor ! I will just laugh after Belforts Kos Bisping in the first round

    • @rigo

      bisping has come a long way, he might not have the same natural talent as the PHENOM but he has the work ethic to grind out a victory

    • Bisping does a stand up version of Lay and Pray. He dances around and wears you out but doesn't accomplish a lot and in the end will win the decision unless he gets caught in the first round.

  • If they exchange and they will Bisbing will use distance to keep his jaw together I see Vitor with a KO similar to the Franklin fight ,and if it goes the distance Vitors got cardio.I really cant see Bisbing winning Im not even gonna say the first round it could happen any round thats alot of time for Bisbing to win by points.(running).