UFC on FX 6 Results Recap: Ross Pearson smashes George Sotiropoulos in impressive fashion


UFC on FX 6 came at us live from the Gold Coast in Australia, and it started off with quite the bang. Adopted Australian Hector Lombard had something to prove after his lackluster UFC debut amidst much hype, and so did his opponent Rousimar Palhares. Both fighters are extremely talented combatants who were coming off of a loss, Lombard to Tim Boetsch and Palhares to Alan Belcher. Lombard came out looking noticeably fresher than his previous Octagon bout, and set his trademark strikes with ruthless efficiency in the bout’s opening round. Felling Palhares with a combination, he never allowed “Toquinho” to use his trademark leglocks on the ground. After a stand-up, Lombard used his crushing left to finish Palhares with ruthless power and accuracy. A great return to quiet talk of Lombard being overrated.

In the TUF:The Smashes finales, Colin Fletcher faced off with Norman Parke in a matchup of two UK fighters at Lightweight. The taller Fletcher came out looking to use his kickboxing, but Parke quickly negated that by using a smothering top game after an outside trip. Next he scored a clean elbow while in Fletcher’s half-guard. Parke started the second with more of the same, scoring a bodylock takedown. He eventually scored a mount and landed some nice combinations to take the second as well. The last round saw more striking exchanges, and Parke scored two late takedowns to bring home the clear-cut unanimous decision win.

Next up, Robert Whittaker of Team Australia faced off with Bradley Scott of the UK for the Welterweight contract. The 21-year-old Whittaker was highly touted for his knockouts coming in, and had the favor of the crowd. The first round started off with a feeling-out process until Whittaker started to open up his strikes, with Scott not giving an inch despite his opponent’s explosiveness. Scott plowed forward with a good combination early on in the second, and eventually scored a good trip takedown to test Whittaker’s ground game. The young Aussie escaped a dangerous position to stand back up at the end of the second. In the third, Whittaker landed a ton of strikes with very crisp accuracy, but take no credit away from Scott for being an extremely tough fighter in his own right. Whittaker took home the contract in an absolute war that TUF became famous for.

The main event between TUF coaches George Sotiropoulos and Ross Pearson was motivated by bad blood. The fight began just as expected, with Pearson using his trademark head movement to wobble Sotiropoulos with some truly excellent striking combinations. He even knocked him down with a vicious leg kick at one point, but give praise to the Aussie for recovering nicely from danger, even taking Pearson down and looking for a submission. The second round was more of a stand-up chess match, with neither fighter gaining a decided advantage until Pearson dropped Sotiropoulos with a left hook. Once the third round began, Pearson absolutely dominated the action with his boxing, rocking Sotiropoulos with a huge left hook and following up with some combinations. Pearson finished the fight with a big jab/right hook combo. Tonight’s UFC on FX card may not have been jam-packed with headlining names, but the fights did not fail to deliver in any sense of the term.

UFC on FX 6: The Smashes Full Results:

Main Card:

Ross Pearson def. George Sotiropoulos via R3 TKO (Punches)
Hector Lombard def. Rousimar Palhares via R1 TKO (Strikes)
Norman Parke def. Colin Fletcher via Unanimous Decision
Robert Whittaker def. Brad Scott via Unanimous Decision

Preliminary Card:

Chad Mendes def. Yaotzin Meza via R1 TKO (Punches)
Joey Beltran def. Igor Pokrajac via Unanimous Decision
Mike Pierce def.Seth Baczynski via Unanimous Decision
Ben Alloway def. Manuel Rodriguez via R1 KO (Kick)
Mike Wilkinson def. Brendan Loughnane via Unanimous Decision
Cody Donovan def. Nick Penner via R1 TKO (Strikes)

  • Would have loved to have seen robert whittaker and Brad Scott in a five round war…..hate decisions when it comes to 6 figure contracts….

    Palhares was a big dissapointment, looked flat.

    Big win for pearson !

  • The story of this weekend was and is, Hector Lombard.

    Lombard not only delivered in spades this evening, a performance which should have been delivered against Tim Boestch (and count his lucky stars he didn't get it), but was not delivered, he delivered…notice…to the division. More specifically, he delivered notice to Anderson Silva that there is a new, very powerful gunslinger in town.

    That was freaking impressive. Hector not only hunted tonight, he hunted with enthusiasm, pace, passion, power and he put his stamp, not only all over Palhares, but all over the division. The fire hydrant blew the tree stump right out of the ground. And the one time the tree stump shot in and tried to take the fire hydrant down, he got stuffed. It was as if RP had run into a mountain. He was simply stopped. There is no other way to describe Lombard's TDD.

    It would have been interesting to have been a fly on the wall of the Silva home, tonight. What is Anderson's answer for that going to be? Lombard brings some serious heat. I think the days of padding his record and taking easy fights is behind him. That's what that fight told me, tonight.

    The GSP fight is not going to happen. At least not right now. So, that option if off the table. John Jones? Jones is open to it, but Anderson and Sores have been quite on the matter. If not that, then he's looking at Belcher (should he win), Belfort (should he win) Lombard (with one more win, like that), Weidman (when he gets healthy), Evans (should he drop down)….that's an opening ugly five, for someone who wants to sign a ten fight deal. Just sayin'. And it doesn't take into account Munoz or Sonnen, when they return and rack up a win or two. It's getting ugly @ 185, folks. Finally.

    No, that must have been interesting at the Silva household, tonight. The days of Lutter, Laites, Maia, Franklin 2, Cote, Irvin, Griffin, Bonnar…the easy defenses or fights that The Champ has had since he's been Champ, are over. That's what that fight said to me, this evening. Gone are the passes. There will be no (perceived) easy victory over George St. Pierre. There is no soft or predictable fight left to be had. The time has now come for Anderson to demonstrate his true greatness and against people who will legitimately challenge him. I see no where for him to hide. Every fight from here on out, is going to be a challenge.

    Hector Lombard 1 and 1 in The UFC. One fight away from the title, regardless of Twitter followers. Take that Ed Sores, GSP's voice mail box is full, best you take Lombard's call, lest you want to give Johnny Bones Jones a shout. It's an ugly day out there Ed, best put your hat and gloves on.

    If Anderson can work his way through his next five or six fights without a loss, then he truly is the greatest of all time. It is going to be a pleasure to watch the process. As GSP has had to build his resume off of the backs of true and legitimate challenges, Anderson is now going to be required to do the same.

    And when it's all said and done, should GSP survive, Diaz, Hendricks, Maia, Elenberger and who knows, maybe Matt Brown should he continue to win and should Anderson work his way through the names listed (for him), then maybe it is time for a super-fight. And given those settings, what a fight it would be.

    • this arguement has happened every time since the dawn of silva, when some new guy comes along the hype train and looks to smash. anderson would pick his 1 dimensional striking apart ….again….easy. yea, he is a lil fire plug, got some power, can take a shot, but still, no where near as dynamic as the champ is. he would wilt . take your 6 page arguement home. only 1 word is needed. GOAT.

      • someone on sherdog made a valid point….he beat a guy with 0 stand up skills, and lost by decision to a guy with so-so stand up. bisping would probably pick him apart and win by decision . need to see more real fights in UFC before getting on this guys nutzz.

        • @ infinite

          Lombard would eat Bisping for breakfast. There is no way a points fighter beats what we saw last night. Palhares is no joke and Lombard crushed him like he was a rank amateur. He'd do the same to MB.

          • i also watched alexander volkov outpoint richard hale. rich hale looked to be a k.o. beast, but i just knew that volkov would keep his distance and win by jabberpoints. bisping could easily do the same. and i dont like bisping really, although i admit he has shown a little more class lately vs his old self. just maturing i would say.

          • @ infinite

            Could Bisping keep the distance and point out a decision victory? Sure. I guess. It's possible. I just think it has a very low probability of happening.

            And I don't dislike Bisping. I actually like him. I (too) believe he's matured both in and out of The Octagon. I've rooted for him in his last few fights. I could actually call myself a Bisping fan, now. However, I can't be blind to the short-comings in his
            game and I just don't think he's ready for a Lombard or a Silva. Actually, I don't think he's ready for Belfort either, but, hey he has to fight these guys if he wants to get a shot at the title. I am not being disrespectful to / about MB. I'm just trying to be realistic.

      • @ Infinite.

        I never said that Anderson would lose to Lombard. I am saying it would be a tough fight. A tougher fight than he's had lately, that's for sure. As to his hype train, I think that pulled into, not out of, the station last night. He crushed a significant fighter in the 185 division, last night. That's no hype, that's fact.

        I think the hype here is a good chunk of Anderson's bloated record. And it wasn't a 6 page argument. It was 600 words. That's all. A little controversy to start the day.

        GOAT? I'm not familiar with the term. Does it stand for…

        Going Out Avoiding Talent?

    • Simple, Lombard vs. Bisping. "Poison Dwarf" versus the "As*hole Brit"…

    • @MMA truth….

      1. I'm not sure if we are ever going to see a revived munoz…..following his injuries, problems with weight and of course the concussed beating he recieved.

      2. I can't see Chael beating Jones. He is an interesting guy however. He is hot and cold….He beat bisping controversially, dominated Stann, beat anderson for 4.5 rounds, then got dominated. I'm not sure how he will go in the heavier weight division. one would think if he can't get the job done with two attempts at middleweight titles, what makes you think he can do it at light heavyweight.

      3. Gsp is running fast from anderson.

      4. Anderson comes from a different planet when it comes to beating up opponents. We have seen the best GSP has to offer and in comparism to the spider its not as impressive. I just dont want to see bisping fight silva….

      • @ enjoy…I put Munoz and Sonnen on the list as kind of a "B" group. I am aware of issues and records. I too, do not expect Sonnen to beat Jones. Not in a million years.

        GSP is running from Anderson? Seems to me like Anderson is running away from everyone, but GSP. Again, the easy fights are over for Anderson. If anyone has their running shoes on, it's The Spider.

        Comparing GSP / Anderson. Yes, Anderson is impressive. At least when he's fighting tin cans. GSP, on the other hand, never fights tin cans. You would be right, there. More to the point, however, GSP has never been dominated in a fight. A flash arm bar and a lucky punch, those are the only things that have derailed Rush. Anderson though, we have some pretty good video of him getting his ass beat in a few rounds.

        And just out of curiosity, why did you only mention GSP, Munoz and Sonnen? Anderson isn't likely to face those opponents in the near future. You made no mention of Belcher, Belfort, Lombard, Evans or Weidman. No, I think the only running going on here is Anderson from every fighter @ 185.

        PS – I don't want to see Bisping fight Anderson, either. He'll get murdered. That's why I left Michael off the list. No offense to Bisping, intended.

        • @mma truth.

          I think the mma community have spoken about the cans anderson has fought and demand better challenges like jones.
          If he has ten fights renewed then he will find it hard to run away from better challenges.

          But the truth is, Anderson made Forrest and Bonnar look like they never belonged in the ufc. He did the same to Maia, completely wrecked Belfort and the sandman.

          I would like to see Lombard take a couple more fights with decent stand up guys before I jump on the hype train.

          • @ enjoy

            That's fine. I can understand. No matter what, he's going to have to take one more fight, anyway. We've heard no talk from The UFC brass about a Silva / Lombard title fight. He is probably looking @ 2, maybe even three fights, before a a shot, so I think you'll have plenty of opportunity to hop on the hype train. I personally think he's already to 3 or 5 in the division, behind Belcher, Weidman and Belfort. Although Bisping would be ranked ahead of him, I think he'd kill Bisping in a fight. Lombard is going to be tough test for anyone.

            Point of order – I don't think Anderson made Maia look bad. I think he made himself look bad. I do not believe he wrecked Belfort. He got one in. That's all he did. I really want to see a re-match between those two. My guess would be, that Anderson has a tougher go, second time round. He may still win, but he may also lose. Belfort is no joke and I think he has all the potential in the world, to take out Silva.

            Either way, I think one day you will be on the Lombard hype train. I'll save you a seat in the bar car.

    • you took a long time to say nothing. utter bullshit.

      • @ BjjFan

        I realize that reading a 600 word post is a great deal for some to contend with.

        …oh, look a cat playing with some string. Gotta go.

        • @Mmatruth is just a hater!! Hate on my friend were there is greatness there is always haters!

          • @ SilvaisKing

            I'm not a Silva hater. I just don't think he's rarely had a true challenge / challenger. He has been master over the weakest division in all of MMA. Only recently, has that division begun to spawn some decent challengers for the man's belt. I would like to see him face those challenges. Stop worrying about super-fights, movie deals and Steven Segal's fat ass and start worry about defending his belt @ 185.

            G.O.A.T. – Going Out Avoiding Talent

    • @mmatruth Anderson only fought tin cas? Franklin was 22-1 b4 silva took the belt. Hes finished hendo belfort griffin all former champs. Also nate m. Yushin these guys are far from cans.

      • @ silvaisking

        Yes, Rich Franklin is a tin can. He was champ when the division was shit. Rich is a journeyman fighter whose great at nothing.

        I never said that Henderson, Belfort or Okami were tin cans. They are not. They are Anderson's credible victories. And Forrest is / was a slightly better version of Franklin. He too, is a journeyman fighter whose not great at any one thing. He was never a threat to Silva.

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    • yer the picks dont work for me and the whole site seems a lot slower since the change!