UFC on Fuel TV interview: Mike Tyson believes Sonnen is a better talker than Ali


Mike Tyson was recently asked a handful of interesting questions by MMAFighting’s and the UFC’s Ariel Helwani.

Aside from being asked who he believes was the best talker in combat sports history, Tyson also weighed in on what Holyfield’s ear taste’s like, who he thinks would win a fight between Dana White and Vince McMahon and the most interesting question many of us would like to know, how would Mike Tyson fair against Royce Gracie in 1993.

Wish we got a more straight forward and honest answer on that one. Would love to know if Tyson believes he would have won or not. Check out the video below: 

  • You bet your *** he is.

    • Miky looked high.
      Funny interview anyway.
      Love Mike. The most exciting HW boxer ever

  • Ali was more natural and a lot of his stuff was humour rather than insults or just hate but Sonnen is the GOAT trash talker

    • Sonnen's is humour as well, he just delivers it differently. The people who think he's being 100% serious don't get the underlying humour.

      • @Bryan I know Sonnen's is humour and I laugh my head off at it but what I mean is Ali will say something silly like "I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark".
        Sonnen comes out with a lot more stuff like Wand ***** and never won a real fight.

      • But unlike Sonnen, The G.O.A.T used to back his $hit up.

    • Well Joe Frazeir family didn't think it was humour when Ali labeled Joe a race trading Uncle Tom. Saying Brazilians dont believe in toothbrushses & wiping theirselves or whatever Chael said does not compare to being labeled a UT & having most black folks hating you in the 60's-70's. His family still have hatred for Ali.

  • Mike, didn't your doctor told you to take only one pill at a time, not two. Nice to see Mike happy, he kinda looks contented. I remember when he would burst out of anger at anyone and everyone. Nice to see him in movies and interviews having fun. Good for him.

  • yhn

    I don't think anyone will be talking about Sonnen in 40 years.

  • I find Chael amusing, but no, just no. First of all, Ali basically invented trash talking. Sonnen has Ali as a frame of reference, not the other way around.

    And when you factor in that Ali was dealing with political and race issues in the 60's that Sonnen never come close to knowing.

    I loved to watch Iron Mike fight, but I don't think anyone ever really cared what his 'deep thoughts' were.

  • I love me some Mike T, but he needs to stay away from Chuck Liddell's coke.